Press Release

CenturyTel prepares for possible visit from Hurricane Ivan

For Immediate Release: 9/15/2004

CenturyTel is advising its local communities of potential utility outages as southern Louisiana and Alabama brace for a possible visit from Hurricane Ivan. CenturyTel officials have tested backup generators and batteries housed in the company’s central offices in case of a commercial power outage. These facilities are equipped with emergency generators and batteries to not only provide a power source, but also to act as surge protectors.

If customers experience a telephone service outage and have access to a working telephone, they should contact CenturyTel's repair center at 800-824-2877. Technicians will be working overtime to get lines open as quickly as possible. Even if customers are unable to report an outage, rest assured that CenturyTel’s disaster team is monitoring its lines from a Network Support Center. Technicians will be dispatched to the scene as the system detects faulty lines.

Even if customers do not experience a telephone service outage, it is possible that access to some toll facilities may be affected due to the larger call volumes experienced by the network as customers check on family and friends in areas that have been impacted. Customers may experience call blockages or get an “all circuits busy” message during these types of events.