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CenturyLink Doing Business

In a competitive marketplace, CenturyLink's suppliers are key to our company's success. We rely upon a strong base of suppliers, who understand the importance of on-time delivery and offer high-quality products to our customers, at a price they can afford.

The CenturyLink Supply Chain Management Team manages the acquisition of products and serves as an interface to our internal business units on all Supply Chain needs. Business is awarded to suppliers through a competitive sourcing process and is focused on "best value". Best value is determined by evaluation of suppliers' proposals and selection of those offering the best combination of low cost, quality & technology.

Supplier Registration

Please complete and submit the Prospective Supplier Registration Form

Supplier Policies

Business Associate Agreement

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

If the purchase is an Environmental Health or Safety service (i.e., waste, tank testing, asbestos, phase I/II, industrial hygiene, etc.), the Environmental Services Terms & Conditions applies to your order, as well as the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Environmental Services Terms & Conditions

If the purchase is a Real Estate service, the specific terms and conditions below will apply to your order, as well as the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Architectural and Engineering Terms & Conditions

Building Maintenance Terms & Conditions

Construction Services Terms & Conditions

Electrical Services Terms & Conditions

CenturyLink Supplier Business Expense Reimbursement Policy

Drug Testing and Background Check

CenturyLink Shipping Manual

CenturyLink's Supplier Diversity Schedule

Supplier Diversity Toolkit

Affiliates List

CenturyLink Non-Disclosure Agreement Information Security and Privacy Requirements

Centurylink's Information Security Requirements and Privacy Requirements

Physical Security Admin Standards

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Contractor Datacenter Work Rules

- Data Center Work Rules Test - NonTechnical

- Data Center Work Rules Test - Technical

- Data Center Work Rules



I have completed registration with CenturyLink. What happens next?
Once you have completed the Supplier Registration form, your company's profile will be housed in a database leveraged by the Sourcing team in support of CenturyLink's purchasing activity. You will not be contacted by a purchasing manager until a purchasing need matches the products or services your company offers. You may update your company profile at any time by entering a new submission. Please note that registration does not automatically guarantee that your company will be selected to participate in a bid.
How can I contact the sourcing specialist with responsibilities for the products and services my company sells?
All supplier information submitted through the Prospective Supplier Registration form (located above) is housed in a database leveraged by the Sourcing team. CenturyLink does not list individuals' contact information on the supplier portal due to: 1) the large volume of inquiries we receive, and 2) commodity responsibilities for the sourcing specialists frequently change.
Where can I see a list of open bid jobs?
Request for Proposals (RFP) are by invitation only. We do not post a list of open jobs or RFPs. Our purchasing managers will search in our Supplier Profiles database for prospective suppliers when a RFP is required and will contact these companies by phone or email. Please register your company with CenturyLink following the supplier registration process for your company profile to be included in our database.


Supplier Diversity Certification
Transportation - Shipping issues - claims - routing guide
Accounts Payable Vendors can submit invoices by U.S. mail, fax, or
e-mail. All invoices submitted must have an "Attention to" name.
Mail   Accounts Payable
    P.O. Box 11600
    Monroe LA. 71211
Fax   888-896-9773
Phone   877-386-7151