Get to know our directors. Find out how to contact the Board and Audit Committee. Learn more about our corporate governance by viewing our corporate governance guidelines, articles of incorporation, bylaws and committee charters. Read our Code of Conduct.

Our Commitment to Corporate Governance

CenturyLink is committed to responsible and responsive corporate governance. Our Board of Directors oversees the Company's management for the benefit of its owners, the shareholders. Corporate governance is an important way our Board carries out its oversight duties.

Our Commitment to Our Shareholders

The Board and management recognize that responsibly addressing the interests of our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders also will advance our shareholders' long term interests.

Board of Directors

Our commitment: promote the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.

Governance Documents

Our commitment: responsible and responsive corporate governance.

Board Committees

Our commitment: assist the Board in carrying out its functions effectively.

Ethics & Compliance

Our commitment: responsible corporate conduct.

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