Internet Service Disclosure

Consumer Short Version

Broadband Facts

Consumer Disclosure for Your High Speed Internet (or Fixed Broadband) Service Plan and Speed Tier

Monthly service charge:

Your full monthly service charge is identified at purchase via your sales confirmation materials. These materials also indicate whether your rate is a promotional rate and, if so, the duration of any promotional period. After the expiration of a promotional period, your monthly service charge will be the then-applicable standard pricing for your service. While subject to change, click here for the current post-promotion rate for your speed tier and other details about CenturyLink's pricing policies.

CenturyLink's full commercial terms disclosure and other pricing options including promotions and options when bundled with other services such as IP video services are also available for customers to view.

Other charges and terms:

Data usage included with monthly charge; charges for additional data usage:

The CenturyLink Excessive Use Policy (EUP) uses a 1.0 terabyte (TB) monthly data usage limit.  This limit applies to all uploaded and downloaded data for all residential CenturyLink High Speed Internet (HSI) customers except for those excluded below.  Of the millions of CenturyLink HSI customers, very small fractions exceed the data usage limit provided with their monthly HSI plan.

CenturyLink does not currently charge customers a fee for excessive data usage. CenturyLink will weigh variables such as network health, congestion, and the availability of customer usage data as factors when enforcing this policy. Customers who have exceeded their monthly data usage limit and are subject to EUP enforcement will be notified by CenturyLink via web notification and/or written communication.

Customers who are subject to EUP enforcement are given options to reduce their usage, subscribe to a higher-speed residential HSI plan, or migrate to an alternate business-class HSI service. Our EUP is application neutral; it only considers the total usage (bytes transferred) over a defined period of time independent of protocols, applications, or the content that is generating the excessive usage.

Customers who repeatedly exceed the EUP usage limit, and interfere with other customers' use of HSI service, are subject to the CenturyLink HSI terms of service.  

For additional detail about the EUP, view the questions and answers (PDF).  Additional detail regarding our EUP is available in CenturyLink's EUP FAQs

See also CenturyLink’s full network practices disclosure.

Optional modem lease:

$8.99 to 9.99 per month ($99.99 one-time purchase option also available). Customers may also use their own modem. See also our device attachment policy.

One-time fees:

Charges for activation, professional installation, and shipping and handling charges may apply at purchase. These are also identified at point of sale.

Early termination fees:

Early termination fees (calculated by multiplying the number of months remaining on a contract times the promotional monthly rate, up to a maximum of $200) are imposed if you cancel your service before the end date of a contract.

A one-time deposit of up to $110 may be required.

Other monthly fees:

Internet Cost Recovery Fee: $1.99 to $3.99 (varies by location).

Government taxes and other government-related fees may apply:

Varies by location.

Expected downstream and upstream speed

During most periods, customers can generally expect average speeds at or above 95% of the advertised "up to" speed and many can generally expect speeds above that level. Less than 20 percent of customers can expect average speeds below 80% of the advertised "up to" speed. In rare cases, average speed may be significantly less than this level.

Expected latency

Latency between 50 and 150 milliseconds roundtrip is expected for most internet sites.

Expected packet loss

Packet loss level is well below 1% and unlikely to significantly affect a customer's experience.

Network management:

Application-specific / user-specific network management practices? Yes.

Subscriber-triggered network management practices? Yes.

See more details on network management.


See the CenturyLink Privacy Policy.

Complaints or Inquiries:

To contact us, send an email to Please state “Internet Management Disclosure” in the subject line and include your name (optional), High-Speed Internet Service address, and a brief summary of the nature of your concern.

To submit complaints to the FCC you can visit online or call 888-225-5322.

Learn more about the terms used on this form and other relevant information on the FCC website.