Conquering the complexities
of a hybrid IT world

Complexity is the new normal. As enterprises push to stay ahead of customer demands and industry competitors, they’re integrating multiple cloud services into their once-rigid IT infrastructures. But the capabilities of these new hybrid environments aren’t without their challenges.

Use Cases
The rise of shadow IT
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More cloud services and an increased ease of accessibility across departments drive up decentralized processes and bog down IT agility.

Out-of-control IT costs
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New systems and services are sending IT costs through the roof—while IT teams are grounded by stagnant and restrictive budgets.

Gaps in security and governance
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Hybrid environments mean greater security threats. IT teams struggle to keep up, so they react with a patchwork of inconsistent policies that create unintentional blind spots.

Flexible Scaling

A tangled thread

A medical and dental supplies distributor had multiple systems across its organization with no way to cohesively manage them.

The IT infrastructure was spiraling out of control—and becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Flexible Scaling

The cure for complexity

The distributor relied on its Technical Account Manager and CenturyLink’s team of experts to design, build, implement, and manage its hybrid environments.

The medical and dental supply company was able to simplify its systems by rearchitecting the IT infrastructure and virtualizing its applications.

Flexible Scaling

A healthier outlook

The medical and dental supply company:

  • Decreased shadow IT
  • Increased IT agility
  • Transformed siloed environments into a robust, integrated environment
  • Improved uptime to 100%
  • Gained global scalability across Europe and Asia
Flexible Scaling

Stuck under a wave of rising cost

A SaaS service firm was forced to continually hire more support staff to manage their clients’ growing infrastructure and operational needs.

Personnel costs were escalating—and there was no end to the hiring in sight.

Flexible Scaling

Reining in its resources

The firm relied on its Technical Account Manager and CenturyLink’s team of experts to design, build, implement, and manage its hybrid environments.

The SaaS service provider built a scalable architecture and support model to drive growth, and used automation to save on operating costs.

Flexible Scaling

Saving money without sacrificing support

The SaaS service firm:

  • Built automation that saved 3 months of operation efforts and the cost of hiring additional personnel
  • Now saves $10,000 in monthly spend through environment automation
  • Transformed siloed environments into a robust, integrated environment
  • Consumes 50 additional machine resources a month
Flexible Scaling

A drop in performance

A Fortune 100 food and beverage company faced IT security blind spots, ineffective governance policies, and scalability limitations.

Its infrastructure was limited in its capabilities, and application development and performance were being affected.

Flexible Scaling

Serving up something new

The company relied on its Technical Account Manager and CenturyLink’s team of experts to design, build, implement, and manage its hybrid environments.

The Fortune 100 company transformed and rearchitected new IT environments for better governance and meaningful insights. It was able to speed up application delivery, and it created a digital marketing center of excellence in the process.

Flexible Scaling

A refined taste for efficiency

The food and beverage company:

  • Reduced monthly spending by 80% across 80 websites
  • Scaled its workloads beyond normal amount by 900x for a 1-day event while maintaining security compliance and 100% uptime
  • Now spins up new properties on dedicated servers within 1 day instead of weeks
  1. The Cloud Application Manager lets you co-manage workloads across multiple cloud services with your Technical Account Manager
  2. Deploy infrastructures from multiple cloud providers using a single sign-on
  3. Control execution venues by defining which public and private cloud providers to deploy on, discover previously provisioned resources, and delegate instances for your Technical Account Manager to monitor, optimize, and manage
  4. Optimize cloud usage and costs with advanced insights into costs per hour, CPU capacities, and recommended instance types, so you save money and drive efficiency
  5. Ensure your cloud instances are running as intended and leverage our expert staff to monitor instances, recommend best practices, and remediate any issues
  1. Control who uses cloud resources and how much of those resources are used within cost centers
  2. Define workspaces within a cost center to quickly provision resources to users who need them
  1. Set up templates, containers, and scripts for automated deployment of applications that can be shared and used multiple times
  2. Easily control infrastructure resources and networking by setting deployment policies
  1. Quickly provision an instance for applications using shared deployment policies
  1. Configure boxes to deploy applications with a single click
  1. Use utilization heat maps to see total usage for some or all of your instances
  1. Right-sizing reports will recommend fixes per instance for optimal operation
  1. Get a complete overview of cloud resources for a given workspace
  2. Define which cloud provider (public or private) to deploy on
  1. Set up a new provider from a variety of cloud services.
  1. Enable managed services to assign environments to your Technical Account Manager for monitoring, optimizing, and managing
  2. Set specific regions for managed services support
  3. Enable Disaster Recovery Readiness for some or all of your instances
  4. Automatically discover previously provisioned instances within a provider
  1. Monthly savings opportunities will automatically be identified and presented to you for recommendation
  1. Get an overview of total distribution costs across the organization, cost centers, and workspaces
  1. The Cloud Application Manager keeps a complete log of usage history by bill for easy alignment with accounting
  1. Monitor every activity across your organization, cost center, and workspace
  2. See every activity surrounding in-depth governance and issue remediation
  1. Create policies for the organization and each cost center, workspace, provider, and agent
  1. Create policies for the organization and each cost center, workspace, provider, and agent
  1. Use our catalog of common checks across every part of your environment
  1. Set checks for anomalies and utilizations
  1. Review events through a real-time feed based on policies and checks
  1. Set automated actions based on events, such as increasing server capacities if a resource limitation is hit
  1. Create custom graphs of selected metrics from the source of your choice, and change graph type for different views

Managed Services Anywhere: a consistent experience across your hybrid IT environments

Cloud optimization and analytics
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Purchase and provision cloud services through a centralized platform that simplifies billing and provides an ongoing analysis of usage and spending.

Infrastructure management
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CenturyLink® IT experts manage your infrastructure for you, so your systems are always ready to pivot with the fast-changing needs of your business.

Application management
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Leverage our Application Development and Management (ADM) experts and tools to help design, deploy, optimize, and manage your custom and off-the-shelf applications.

Business continuity management
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Avoid the enormous cost of IT downtime and restore normal business operations quickly with CenturyLink’s managed disaster recovery services.


Take advantage of on-demand orchestration and management

Managed Services Anywhere helps you conquer the sprawl of IT complexity. With 24/7 support like your own dedicated Technical Account Manager, you can move forward in confidence through a cloud-dominated world.

Keep core competencies in-house
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Delegate what your internal teams will handle, and then offload operational complexity to ITIL-compliant processes and strong automation at any point: during app deployment, IaaS/PaaS build out, or further upstream.

Enable developer flexibility and minimize callouts
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Your developers’ choice of tools, cloud platforms, and CI/CD pipeline practices are maintained when workloads are handed off for automation, reducing callouts to your dev teams.

Rely on 24/7 dedicated expert support
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A Technical Account Manager is assigned to every Managed Services customer. This person serves as your go-to support expert, helping you get the most out of your hybrid IT infrastructure.

Better control your operational costs
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You can easily organize your cloud resources to gain cost visibility and transparency, and align spending with usage.

Enhance your disaster recovery
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Deploy, configure, and monitor disaster recovery for critical virtual machines and mitigate any damage from prolonged outage.