CenturyLink Colocation (Dedicated Hosting)

Manage your business, not a data center

Your data center is under unprecedented pressure from rapid growth in both digital assets and the number of devices accessing your corporate servers, making it difficult to support even modest growth plans or get more out of your budget. Building out your physical facilities to relieve the stress can leave you at the mercy of soaring power costs and evolving technology. As an industry leader in global enterprise hosting and the third largest network service provider in the U.S., CenturyLink provides the colocation services, network technology, security expertise, and outstanding customer support you need to achieve your IT expansion and consolidation goals.

Data Center Services

With core competencies like security, facility management, and carrier access, CenturyLink provides comprehensive global colocation services that extend your IT infrastructure into a more efficient virtual environment. You manage your own hardware, software, and applications to maintain complete control while gaining the cost and growth benefits of colocation.

Data Center Features

  • Fully redundant power, mechanical, and electrical systems, and comprehensive fire suppression
  • High-availability network and server environment with access to our high-speed network
  • Multiple levels of electrical and mechanical redundancy protect your power load
  • Generator backup in event of power failure
  • Static transfer switches to protect power load during emergencies
  • 100% power availability Service Level Agreement
  • Controlled access using biometric readers, card scanners, and person-traps to prevent tailgating

Data Center Benefits

  • Reduced capital expenses for data center facilities, maintenance, and power consumption
  • Secure environment options and system uptime to support your backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Freedom to focus on mission-critical application development instead of infrastructure upkeep

Colocation Infrastructure

CenturyLink colocation infrastructure extends around the world to easily deliver the security, space, power, and bandwidth you need to keep your businesses running smoothly. CenturyLink colocation services are built on the following core components:

  • Multi-level physical security and housing options
  • Redundant N+1 power systems
  • Access to the CenturyLink global IP network
  • 24x7 support services that let you deliver a reliable and high-quality user experience to customers, employees, suppliers, and partners

Managed Hosting Services

CenturyLink Managed Hosting Services offer remote and localized monitoring and management of web application, databases, and operating systems.

Enterprise Cloud Networking (ECN) Solutions

CenturyLink Enterprise Cloud Networking (ECN) solutions offer a unique blend of cloud services on an integrated network, complemented by expert consulting support. Customers avoid the complexity and risk that come from typical cloud solutions, which can contain a fragmented or incompatible mix of networks, technologies, and cloud services from different providers. CenturyLink Enterprise Cloud Networking delivers best-in-class cloud solutions, seamlessly integrated with industry-leading network services. If you need help optimizing your IT infrastructure, CenturyLink's world-class consulting services can help you smoothly incorporate a host of new technologies into your business.

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