Internet and Data

From High Speed Internet solutions to private networking, CenturyLink Internet and Data Networking bundled data solutions are well positioned to meet your organization's needs. Equipment comes preconfigured with available maintenance when you need it, and our enterprise packages include security solutions and enhanced data protection.

High Speed Internet

The Speed, Functionality and Connectivity a Business Needs

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet™ with Office Plus gives your small and growing business all the speed, functionality, and connectivity it needs. Transmit large files quickly, conduct videoconferences and connect with employees, customers and vendors more easily.

You'll also enjoy the power and convenience of business-class e-mail-including Web mail and mobile access—and the peace of mind that comes with our premier security services. If you encounter any problems, our support team will strive to resolve your issue within four hours.

  • Includes 2 Hosted Exchange email addresses
  • 1GB mailbox storage
  • Install easily with no special wiring
  • Use your business's existing phone line
  • Choose between two modems to fit your business needs

Data Bundle

Manage Growth and Streamline Operations

Data Bundle combines data networking service, equipment, installation and local access into a single-source communications solution. Whether you're looking to better manage growth or streamline operations, multiple bandwidth configuration options can be customized to meet your changing business needs.

We offer the choice of public Internet or private networking to meet your business requirements and give you the protection you require. With the Data Bundle you gain access to the power of advanced IP technology while maintaining flexibility and reducing your overall cost of ownership. Optional security features provide you access to your business and dependable protection of your data and networks to help save you time so you can attend to your business goals.

  • Simplify your network and cut costs at the same time
  • Connect to your network easily with no expensive overhauls
  • Protect your data with security add-ons
  • Adjust your bandwidth and locations easily