End-to-End Performance Reporting

Optimize Business Performance with End-to-End Network Performance Monitoring & Reporting

In today's economy, you're always looking for that competitive edge. Effectively managing your network performance can help give your business the advantage you need. End-to-End Performance Reporting is an addition to Centurylink IQ™ Networking Private and Enhanced Port service that allows you to view your network performance statistics, such as availability, jitter, latency, and packet delivery within closed user groups (CUG). This gives you valuable insight into your network performance, which in turn helps you manage it more effectively.

Network Performance Monitoring Features

  • Monthly network performance reporting
  • Jitter, latency, availability, and packet delivery performance statistics
  • Customer edge to customer edge measurements
  • Provider edge to provider edge measurements
  • CUG summary

Network Performance Monitoring Benefits

  • Effectively manage your network performance
  • Get real end-to-end statistics
  • Buy no additional equipment
  • Improve wide area networking with the helpful trend analysis tool