DWDM: GeoMax

Secure Private Optical Networking for Business Critical Applications

In today's business climate, it's no surprise that you place a high value on network security and availability. CenturyLink understands that continuity, disaster recovery, and load sharing among your critical systems are vital to your business's well being. GeoMax® is designed to support high bandwidth, private networking needs for a wide variety of applications, including data storage, data center connectivity, and backup functions, and is ideally suited for multiple locations. GeoMax® delivers the most advanced dedicated Private Networking Solution, combining fault-tolerant high-speed data connectivity and unparalleled reliability. Each GeoMax® system is custom designed to your specific network needs and is individually installed and dedicated solely to your business to support your business applications.

Optical Wavelength/DWDM: GeoMax Features

  • Fully dedicated and highly secure, flexible and scalable service supporting up to 704 channels per node
  • Bandwidth from 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps
  • Transparency, Bit rate and protocol independent
  • Flexible and guaranteed throughput for all applications
  • Single platform supporting multiple interfaces, protocols and applications, including Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SONET and OTU interfaces
  • Wavelength-based protection option
  • SLAs for availability, customer notification, installation/provisioning and mean time to repair
  • Point-to-point, ring configuration or multi-point support
  • Enabled real-time business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities
  • Advanced network architecture
  • 24/7 proactive network management via simple network management protocol (SNMP) with optional "read only" capabilities

Optical Wavelength/DWDM: GeoMax Benefits

  • Save with large capacity at low cost
  • Enjoy easy compatibility certification of interoperability with other vendors
  • Experience the flexibility of several protocol and design options
  • Scale quickly for faster and increased amounts of traffic
  • Choose protection levels by circuit
  • Reach thousands of on-net sites thanks to a broad fiber footprint
  • Benefit from superior pricing and a choice of several pricing plans
  • Get custom designs and solutions supported by fully dedicated sales engineers

How Optical Wavelength/DWDM: GeoMax Works

GeoMax® uses DWDM technology that enables two or more optical signals with different wavelengths to be simultaneously transmitted in the same direction over one strand of fiber. Separating the wavelength at the distant ends dramatically increases the capacity of an optical fiber. The technology allows CenturyLink to transport high-bandwidth native optical interfaces supporting mainframes, data center connectivity, next generation SONET and fiber-saver applications. In addition to capacity boost, DWDM offers complete transparency, allowing support of multiple customer protocols and applications on a single platform.