Ethernet Private Line

Improve the Cost-Efficiency of Your Network without Sacrificing Performance with Ethernet Private Line

Business Ethernet services provide convenience, manageability, and ample bandwidth for extending your LAN to new locations—but they can't match the dedicated performance of a private line service. Whether you need to connect data centers, support sensitive applications like disk mirroring, handle high-bandwidth rich media applications, or meet tough requirements for circuit uptime and security, you need a way to maximize reliability and minimize latency without giving up the convenience and cost-efficiency of Ethernet. Now you can. CenturyLink Ethernet Private Line service offers large bandwidth superior performance across town or across the country so you can grow your network easily, cost-effectively, and reliably.

Business Ethernet Private Line Features

  • Superior performance backed by CenturyLink's 99.999% service level agreement (SLA) on a POP-to-POP service
  • Highly reliable four-fiber bidirectional line switched ring (BLSR) SONET domestic network
  • Standard Ethernet interface to provide simplified networking and cost-effectiveness
  • Fully-dedicated protect path and 50ms restoration time in the event of an outage
  • Tamper-resistant fiber optic circuits for added security
  • 24/7/365 NOC monitoring
  • Proactive network ring testing
  • Security policies and audits
  • Transparent VLANs and layer 2/3 protocols
  • Access to historical and near real-time performance reports via the CenturyLink Customer portal Control Center

Business Ethernet Private Line Benefits

  • Allows you to aggregate multiple traffic types on a single connection to easily extend your LAN environment
  • Supports reliability through 99.999% POP-to-POP service uptime and automated switching to protect your data path
  • Provides historical and near real-time insight into circuit performance
  • Improves security through tamper-resistant fiber optic circuits, 24/7/365 NOC monitoring, and network security audits
  • Offers broad availability in 30 domestic metropolitan markets and 79 long-haul markets
  • Simplifies ownership through a single contract covering both intercity and intracity configurations

How Ethernet Private Line Works

CenturyLink Ethernet Private Line services are a point-to-point, dedicated optical data service that encapsulates Ethernet traffic into the CenturyLink SONET network. The standard service provides fixed bandwidth for large bandwidth users ranging from 100 Mbps—1 Gbps and hands off a standard Ethernet interface to meet the needs of today's most demanding network applications. The service is offered in long-haul intercity (Ethernet Private Line) or intra-city configurations (Metro Ethernet Private Line) in major markets across the U.S. CenturyLink also designs custom solutions to address your business problems.

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