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Does your organization have the internal resources needed to manage your IT network and telecom services? Today's fast-paced business requires reliable and agile IT solutions. What if you had an ally to meet those needs?

CenturyLink's dedicated and award-winning account teams can help match you with the right-fit, customized solutions and support for your local, regional/national or global networking needs.

What Are Your Service Needs?

Local >

Increase your networking capabilities and manage IT costs with bundled and stand-alone solutions.

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Regional / National >

Upgrade your business across multiple U.S. locations with sophisticated, customized IT and network management solutions.

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Global >

Improve your global presence and network performance to stay ahead of your competition.

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Get the Most out of the CenturyLink Network

CenturyLink is the industry's fastest growing Ethernet provider, delivering best-in-class connectivity you can count on.

Data Networking from CenturyLink can.

Network Map Image

  • 430,000 miles of fiber across the globe
  • Connected into our 55 global data centers plus another 170+ third-party data centers
  • Security strong enough for the Federal government
  • 40,000 + buildings already on the network
  • 100 Gbps capabilities
From Our Industry Experts

We needed a provider with a demonstrated track record of high reliability; we needed to have prompt, predictable, professional service in the event of an outage - and cost was an issue.

Haig Rudd  • Manager for Technology Solutions  • Dixon Hughes

Network Maps

The CenturyLink network covers the entire continental United States, and hundreds of international destinations.

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