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To maximize the agility of your virtual enterprise, you need to be able to deliver reliable high-speed Internet access to your branch offices and mobile employees while controlling costs. IQ Internet Port service provides scalable Internet connectivity at industry-leading customer access speeds, customized to meet your needs, from supporting high-volume e-mail and application hosting, to e-commerce applications and multimedia streaming, to integrated customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions, international connectivity, and integrated management services.


Is Your Communications Technology Stopping You from Running the Most Efficient Operation Possible?

IQ Internet Port is a reliable and dedicated Internet service that runs on the advanced CenturyLink network, one of the most sophisticated networks available. It offers an exceptional service level agreement (SLA) and some of the highest access speeds in the industry. Additional services that can be used with Internet Port include: security services, integrated customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions, international connectivity, and Control Center-our online management and reporting portal.

Reliable Internet Access

You can maintain cost-effective communications with your branch offices and mobile employees by using CenturyLink to access the Internet. Our dedicated Internet service is a crucial element in helping you create a virtual enterprise by delivering a high-speed, reliable and scalable Internet access service. You can free up valuable resources, allow staff to work on other projects, use our expertise to watch the network and help in design and implementation, and keep your network running at all times, minimizing network downtime and increasing application performance. IQ Internet Port is scalable and customized to your needs, using the full capability of the Internet by combining value-add services such as email, multi-media streaming, ecommerce and application hosting.

Internet Access Port Features

  • OC-192/Nx10GigE IP network
  • Extensive peering arrangements
  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) fast reroute and core redundancy
  • Comprehensive SLA
  • Flat-rate, Tiered and usage-sensitive billing
  • Control Center Web-based customer portal
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Best-of-breed Internet network partners around the world
  • Complete network monitoring and management through Network Management Service

Internet Access Port Benefits

  • Eliminates backbone congestion with a state-of-the-art global IP backbone
  • Accelerates access to content for users located domestically and around the world
  • Maximizes reliability through 50 millisecond network recovery time
  • Offers exceptional network performance and availability
  • Allows you to manage your own network configuration
  • Lets you meet both bandwidth and budgetary requirements with diverse billing options and competitive rates
  • Addresses your most demanding Internet needs through a full package of additional services

IQ Internet Port provides a complete range of services to accommodate various enterprise networking requirements. The CenturyLink network backbone is engineered for minimal packet loss and network congestion.

Customer care centers (CCCs) are available to support your needs 24/7/365. CenturyLink network operations centers (NOCs) have full visibility and control of the platform with 24-hour management and notification when problems occur. Choose from a variety of port speeds, ranging from 56Kbps to 2.4Gbps and Ethernet speeds of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 100Mbps and 10Gigabit.

The following port types are available in fractional or full-access speeds:

  • Fractional DS-1 starting at 56Kbps
  • DS-1 (1.544Mbps)
  • NxDS-1 (3-12Mbps)
  • DS-3 (45Mbps)
  • OC-N (155Mbps and up)
  • Ethernet (10Mbps)
  • Fast Ethernet (100Mbps)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1,000Mbps)
  • 10Gigabit Ethernet (10,000Mbps)
From Our Industry Experts

We chose CenturyLink for the same reasons that our guests choose us. They deliver anticipatory service, take care of business, inspire trust and follow-up to resolve any issues.

Kerrington Hing  • General Manager
Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

Network Maps

The CenturyLink network covers the entire continental United States, and hundreds of international destinations.

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