Managed Enterprise

Unify your Voice, Video, and Data Communications on a Single, Cost-Effective Business IP Convergence Platform

As communications traffic continues to increase in volume and diversity, you need a way to reduce the cost of your communications infrastructure and applications, while providing the flexibility your business needs to compete. Managed Enterprise from CenturyLink eliminates the cost and complexity of Internet protocol telephony (IPT) point solutions and provides a simple, efficient, and flexible way to realize the efficiency of IP convergence.

Delivered as a managed customer premises equipment (CPE)-based voice over IP (VoIP) solution, Managed Enterprise is highly customized to meet your all your voice, video, and data needs, from network convergence readiness assessment to hardware, software, license, installation, maintenance, and 24/7 application management. The service cost is contained in a monthly recurring charge (MRC) per managed port, eliminating the need for large up-front capital expenditure. Continuously updated technology and policies help ensure outstanding value and performance, while highly efficient central management across all your communications channels frees you to focus on your business.

Managed Enterprise Features

  • Complete IP telephony: IP private branch exchange (PBX), voice mail, switch/router, WLAN, IP call center, and paging
  • Integrated Cisco® Systems technologies including Call Manager and Unity applications
  • Remote implementation services including configuration, revision, and operability assessments on edge routers, switches, and servers
  • Management-only service available for existing implementations
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of IP Communication site components and interfaces
  • Fault management services including detection, isolation, diagnosis, and remote repair
  • Proactive customer notification and escalation
  • Proactive management of quality of service (QoS)
  • Management of moves, adds, and changes (MACs) and dialing plans
  • Web-based ticketing, inventory, and performance reports
  • Cisco agent deployments to enforce packet sniffers/call interception, host-based virus scanning, unauthorized access, caller identity spoofing, toll fraud, repudiation, and IP spoofing

Managed Enterprise Benefits

  • Outsources the complexity of a network convergence environment so you can allocate resources elsewhere
  • Offers a complete IP convergence platform while increasing IT staff productivity
  • Decreases costs to meet current and future communications requirements as your business changes and grows
  • Offers multiple carrier and access options to avoid carrier lock-in
  • Provides constant, state-of-the-art performance and support
  • Secures connectivity

How Managed Enterprise Works

Managed Enterprise lets you leverage the benefits of network convergence by collapsing your voice and data onto a single, merged network. Telephony becomes an application on your data network. Call quality is supported using QoS and is separated from your data traffic through a virtual LAN. The fully bundled solution (including software, hardware, monitoring, and management) is available only in the domestic U.S on an ICB basis. The management-only solution (network assessment, 24/7 monitoring and incident management, reporting, secure VoIP operations, maintenance and change management, and proactive QoS management) is available domestically and internationally.