Private Line: Analog

Keep Your Business Connected with Always-On, Highly Secure, and Cost-Effective Dedicated Analog Private Line Circuits

Analog connectivity can let you address a broad range of voice and data communications needs while controlling costs. CenturyLink™ Analog Private Line Service provides highly secure, always-on, always-available private line analog services tailored to specific two-point and multi-point applications throughout your enterprise.

CenturyLink Analog Private Line Service Features

  • Dedicated, secure, private transmission path
  • Can be purchased out of the FCC 1 tariff (interstate) or out of individual state tariffs (intrastate), depending on whether the circuit carries interstate or intrastate traffic
  • Near real-time control and intelligent reconfiguration of your CenturyLink analog circuit network with optional Command-A-Link™
  • Competitive pricing
  • Always-on, 24/7 availability
  • Dedicated two-point or multi-point analog private line services for applications including:
    • Low-speed data services (available at 0-150 baud)
      • Monitoring and alarms.
    • Voice-grade services (available at 300-3000 baud)
      • Private branch exchange (PBX) off-premises extensions
      • Automatic ring-down circuit
      • Overhead paging
      • Additional alarms
      • PBX and Centrex tie lines
      • State lotteries and other voice-grade dedicated needs
    • Audio services (available at 3,500-15,000KHz)
      • Interstate radio or television broadcasts
      • Intrastate music distribution within an office or building
    • Miscellaneous (works in conjunction with lines or trunks)
      • Foreign exchange service allows a customer a telephone number in a different exchange
      • Foreign central office allows a customer a telephone number in a different central office
      • Exchange service extension allows a customer's telephone number to ring at two locations at the same time
      • Telephone answering service allows a customer to have a dedicated line to an answering service

CenturyLink Analog Private Line Service Benefits

  • Address specific communications needs through purpose-built Analog Private Line Service solutions
  • Support key business applications with a secure, reliable point-to-point or multi-point circuit
  • Connect Analog Private Line Service solutions easily to CenturyLink digital services, including digital data service (DDS), DS-1, DS-3, and synchronous optical network (SONET) services
  • Enjoy uninterrupted communications for optimal productivity and business continuity
  • Safeguard your business with secure analog lines dedicated solely to your information

How CenturyLink Analog Private Line Service Works

CenturyLink Analog Private Line Services are core private line transport services providing two-wire and four-wire circuits between two end users or between an end user and another carrier. Analog Private Line low-speed data, voice grade, and audio products can also be multi-point services, providing service between several customer locations. Analog Private Line Services are available on an intrastate and interstate basis throughout the CenturyLink 14-state local service territory (AZ, CO, IA, ID, MN, MT, NE, NM, ND, SD, UT, WA, and WY).

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