Private Line: T1/DS1

Keep Your Business Ahead by Eliminating the Need for Multiple Low-Speed Channels

Ensure that your communication capabilities keep pace with your changing business requirements with CenturyLink® T1/DS1. Our effective and cost-efficient Private T1 Line and DS1 Line is a dedicated full duplex point-to-point, high-capacity private line transport service that reliably and securely aggregates traffic on a single cost-effective circuit. That helps you cut cost and improve response time. Transmission is digital, which means your signal is clean and free of cross talk, amplified noise and distortion maximizing business efficiency. T1/DS1 channels can be provided between two of your designated locations, or between one location and a CenturyLink wire center. With CenturyLink as your T1 Internet service provider, you'll never have to worry about your communications technology slowing your business down.

CenturyLink Private T1 Line & DS1 Line Features & Options

  • Copper, fiber, and microwave radio provisioning
  • Central office multiplexing — 24 voice-equivalent channel capacity
  • Central office multiplexer-to-multiplexer connection
  • Isochronous serial data transmission at 1.544Mbps
  • Control of services via Command a Link™
  • Clear channel capability
  • Self-healing alternate route protection (SHARP) for local loop
  • Automatic loop transfer protection against copper facilities failure
  • Framing options include D4 framing, extended super frame, non-ANSI, and free framing
  • Line code options include alternate mark inversion and binary eight zero substitution

Benefits of CenturyLink Private T1 Line & DS1 Line Service

  • Ensures reliable, secure transport of high-volume communications between 2 locations
  • Aggregates point-to-point voice, data, and video traffic on a single dedicated, cost-effective circuit
  • Improves response time
  • Provides clean, pure transmissions
  • Comes with a service level agreement for provisioning and repair
  • Enhances quality and utility of service with optional features

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