Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP)

Help Improve Business Disaster Recovery and Network Availability with Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection

Losing data on your local loop can wreak havoc with business continuity. Fortunately you can plan for business disaster recovery and avoid local data loss with Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP) from CenturyLink. SHARP is an optional feature of our DS1, DS3, and SST services that help improve system reliability and network availability. Fact is, we're so confident about the reliability of our service, that if a cable is cut or transmission quality degrades to an unacceptable level, and your SONET protection fails to switch to the protect path within one second, CenturyLink will credit you for a month's billing for the affected service.

Features of Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection

  • High-speed host-to-host channel networking
  • Load balancing
  • Centralized data processing
  • Integrated voice and data
  • CAD-to-CAD transfer
  • High-speed file transfer
  • Available for either circuit (per DS3) or system-level protection (per system)

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