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MiCTA - MiCTA and CenturyLink joined forces in 1998 to deliver advanced communication solutions at a reduced cost to organizations like yours.

Quilt - CenturyLink is a proud supplier of IP and network equipment solutions to the members of The Quilt, a coalition of 30 advanced regional network organizations.

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) - CenturyLink is proud to partner with MHEC by providing its members with a complete array of communications, cloud and hosting services.


CenturyLink and MiCTA—A Formula for Success

Combine CenturyLink services with MiCTA discounts for a solution that adds up! CenturyLink is proud of our long standing relationship with MiCTA.

MiCTA is an association of education, government and non-profit entities focused on providing quality service and communications products at outstanding prices for its membership. MiCTA and CenturyLink joined forces in 1998 to deliver advanced communications solutions at a reduced cost to the membership.

More information on MiCTA can be found on the official MiCTA website or by contacting your CenturyLink account representative.

Following an extensive review process, MiCTA endorsed and approved CenturyLink for all submitted products, including:

All MiCTA RFPs are fully competitive and defensible, and meet state government and education purchasing requirements.

Services not available in all areas. Contact CenturyLink for details. Copyright© 2014 CenturyLink. All rights reserved.

The Quilt—National Regional Networks Consortium

CenturyLink is proud of its long-standing relationship with The Quilt and is able to provide competitive prices for CenturyLink Internet Access and Equipment to The Quilt membership under this competitively bid contract.

The Quilt, a coalition of 30 advanced regional network organizations, is a dynamic forum with leaders from throughout the advanced research and education network community. Through this coalition, the Quilt promotes delivery of networking services at lower cost, higher performance and greater reliability and security.

For more information, contact the Quilt Provider team at


The Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium has helped higher education, municipalities including elementary, secondary schools, technical, vocational and charter school throughout New England achieve cost savings and administrative efficiencies since 1977.

MHEC Service Pricing.