CenturyLink Announces M&O Certification for its Three Seattle-based Data Centers

We are pleased to announce that our three Seattle-based data centers have been awarded Management & Operations (M&O) status from the Uptime Institute. The Seattle data centers have a combined offering of almost 400,000 square feet of premium space; and facilitate enterprise growth with a wide range of colocation-to-cloud solutions. The SE4 facility in Seattle was recently expanded by an additional 3.6MW of new capacity to support our customer’s goals around innovation and growth.

Welcome to the EpiCenter


1. a focal point, as of activity; center

Welcome to the launch of the EpiCenter blog. With this blog we hope to create a collaborative environment to discuss topics essential to the data center industry.  We will bring together thought leaders to provide insight into current events affecting the data center market and trends for which we need to prepare.

March Basketball and Data Centers: Swish!

By: David Meredith, senior vice president, CenturyLink
March is the time of the year for college basketball’s biggest tournament. For basketball fans, and millions of college students, the next few weeks will contain action-packed excitement as they watch their favorite teams compete for this year’s championship.

However, many of us basketball fans have other time commitments (family activities, work, travel, etc.) that preclude us from being able to watch live games on network TV. Enter smart devices: Items like our smart phones, tablets and smart TVs allow us to watch the games in real-time, on portable devices, from anywhere at any time. Even airplanes have Wi-Fi capability now; I can get my hoops fix from 35,000 feet in the air!

Data Center Certifications Provide Certainty in a Dynamic Market

By R. Lee Kirby, Chief Technology Officer, Uptime Institute


The data center industry is now in its fourth decade, with many enterprise and outsource centers operating at a high level of maturity and sophistication around the globe. However, in any industry growing as fast as the data center sector there can still be a wide range of capabilities as organizations scramble to keep up with exploding demand, and multiple players—big and small—jockey for position. Data center industry growth shows no sign of abating, and is projected to continue at a blistering pace. Industry analysts predict anywhere from of 15-21% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), driven in particular by the colocation and cloud sectors.

With so many vendors and deployment options now available in this dynamic market, how can buyers really know what they’re getting from a data center wholesale or retail colocation vendor, or a hosted cloud provider? How can you have confidence that your critical business operations and data aren’t at risk?

Ecology and Data Centers? An Earth Day Perspective

Earth Day

Prior to joining CenturyLink a couple of years ago I was fortunate to be able to take a sabbatical where I was able to devote my time and energy toward furthering environmental education in my adopted home state of North Carolina.  One might ask, how does a marketing executive in the technology services sector find himself drawn to environmental education?  The short answer is that I was an environmental biology and computer science double major in college and have had a life-long love of the natural world.

Top Five Things You Should Know About the Modern Data Center

In our continuing mission to find the truth about Hybrid IT in the modern enterprise, we recently posted Episode 5 of our virtual talk show, The Hybrid IT Files, hosted by CenturyLink VP David Shacochis. At the core of each episode lays the investigation, dialog and debate surrounding the elusive Hybrid IT term.

In this episode’s fast-paced analysis of the Modern Data Center guests Michael Levy, a former analyst and current member of the CenturyLink colocation team and Jabez Tan, an analyst with Structure Research, share their perspectives. Conclusions include:

CenturyLink adds Australia to global data center footprint

CenturyLink announced our continued commitment to Australia by adding data center services to our already available Tier I Global network solutions.

I am pleased to announce that CenturyLink now offers access to our full suite of managed hybrid IT services to regional and multinational corporations in Australia through an agreement with independent Data-Center-as-a-Service provider NEXTDC Limited.

Through our agreement with NEXTDC, we now offer data center services in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane.  We are making it easier than ever before for multinational corporations to host with us in key markets all over the world. Businesses can expect the same consistent IT experience from CenturyLink in Australia as they do in Asia, North America and Europe.

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Apple Watch™ Gold Rush? Look to the Cloud to Find the Mother Lode


Apple’s new smart watch recently went on sale to the general market. Results are still being tallied, but analysts estimated that sales reached 1 million units sold in the first weekend alone. Overall, analysts predict Apple could sell close to 23 million new smart watches in 2015. And some experts predict the high-end, 18k gold version of the Apple Watch will revitalize the precious metals market. While the gold market speculation may seem like a stretch, one cannot deny that when Apple launches a product or technology, it’s real, it’s here and it creates huge demand.