CenturyLink and Hewlett Packard Enterprise: The Perfect Pairing

Pairs_Epicenter_BlogsizeYin and Yang…Salt and Pepper: There’s much to be said about a perfect pairing. Two items perfectly complementing one another to deliver an ideal offering. While each brings unique strengths, together they produce results far better than individual components. It’s not unlike the dynamics playing out in IT and the rapid evolution of cloud infrastructures.

If you’re a regular visitor to EpiCenter, by now you understand how we view the future of cloud computing. There’s an unprecedented digital transformation on the horizon, changing the way organizations view business. These advancements help accomplish the most dramatic changes – enabling enterprises to move faster, serve customers in new ways, and create unmatched opportunities for growth and innovation. Cloud and Managed Hosting are key enablers of this transformation.

Streamlining costs and facilitating rapid IT deployments, Managed Hosting has the power to introduce unprecedented scalability and new levels of flexibility. An IT provisioning model where customers lease dedicated servers and hardware from a service provider, Managed Hosting is rapidly emerging as an effective business tool allowing customers to focus on more strategic initiatives. Perhaps that’s the reason analysts predict the market will experience a CAGR of 27 percent by 2020.

But aligning with the right provider isn’t always easy. In addition to fitting your price point, partners must have a proven history of reliability and long-term results. Companies get into trouble by teaming with a partner offering too little experience, or no track-record in particular markets. Contracts also prove tricky, so be wary of promised SLAs and failure to meet requirements. By following key considerations, organizations can maximize partnerships capable of scaling alongside business needs. The decision is much more than technology, and the best alignment offers real-time support, dedicated resources, and rapid-response planning for security breaches and downtime.

Some pairings are just meant to be. Supported by the power of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CenturyLink’s Managed Hosting is proven to transform IT ecosystems from cost centers to revenue-generating assets. The combination helps companies capitalize on a flexible model for quick access to cloud-based services. Together – proven managed hosting alongside award-winning server, storage, and networking technology – creates a reliable path to Hybrid IT.

While no pair is always perfect – our Managed Hosting offering with HPE is pretty close. Together, we make it possible to inject enhanced agility, unmatched reliability, and efficiency into next-generation infrastructures. Don’t wait – put the power of CenturyLink and HPE to work for you!

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