CenturyLink Announces M&O Certification for its Three Seattle-based Data Centers

We are pleased to announce that our three Seattle-based data centers have been awarded Management & Operations (M&O) status from the Uptime Institute. The Seattle data centers have a combined offering of almost 400,000 square feet of premium space; and facilitate enterprise growth with a wide range of colocation-to-cloud solutions. The SE4 facility in Seattle was recently expanded by an additional 3.6MW of new capacity to support our customer’s goals around innovation and growth.

Earning the M&O certification demonstrates the effectiveness of a data center’s management and operations, giving customers “peace of mind” by ensuring the facility that houses their critical IT functions has passed a rigorous, third-party audit to conform its practices to the highest of standards.  Bottom line: Customers are assured that the data center has reduced exposure to downtime.

man walking in data center

Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval Certification Process

The M&O certification is an outcome-based guideline that centers on operational excellence and was developed based on analyzing the root cause of 20 years of outages in high-performance data centers.

There are five key categories that Uptime auditors observe, evaluate and access during the M&O certification process:

We’ve opened the doors to our 58 global data centers and invited Uptime’s auditors to review our processes, procedures and staffing. And because we’ve made the commitment to follow the rigorous and exacting standards set forth by the Uptime Institute, our current and future customers can trust that our data centers are run as efficiently as possible to eliminate downtime and minimize risks.

We are proud to start our M&O certification process in Seattle. Stay tuned to this blog for news about other CenturyLink Data Centers achieving the prestigious M&O certification. And, be sure to schedule a tour of a CenturyLink Data Center near you to meet our experts and get a behind the scenes look at how our industry leading, state-of-the-art data centers are managed.

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