Uptime and reliability are two of the most critical benchmarks for global infrastructures. Challenged with an ever-growing information universe and demand to capture cost and efficiency gains associated with cloud infrastructures, the pressure is on for data center managers to minimize downtime.

Current research estimates the average cost of an IT outage has increased “by tens of thousands of dollars” and most downtime now far surpasses the typical two hour window. Impacting both productivity and revenue, data center operators must ensure reliability is a top priority. Fortunately, The Uptime Institute has formulated guidelines across its Management and Operations (M&O) certification to quantify operational excellence. Based on 20 years of historical anonymized data compiled across hundreds of data center outages, they’ve mapped a standard of operational processes to help avoid these causes and eliminate human error.

At CenturyLink, we understand what it takes to meet these high standards – with more than half of our global data centers receiving Uptime Institute’s M&O “Stamp of Approval.” As the foundation of our  innovative cloud, colocation and managed services, we’re prioritizing this commitment to focus on the remainder of more than 50 global data centers during the coming year. The team will discuss these topics and more in our upcoming webinar with Uptime Institute: The M&O Excellence Series on March 29.

The Uptime Institute’s CTO Lee Kirby will explain why the company’s approval standard is the de facto benchmark for measuring operational effectiveness, spurring data center quality of service, mitigating risk, and improving performance. Kirby will be joined by CenturyLink VP of Global Data Center Operations, Kelly Sullivan, who will outline lessons learned and actions taken in CenturyLink’s data centers to accelerate this standard and seamlessly provide mission-critical services for customers.

Join us with Uptime Institute on March 29 at 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern for this valuable session and begin YOUR path to excellence!

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