Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is increasingly being utilized by companies to convert the promise of software-defined IT into value. In fact, the DCIM market is expected to grow to $2.81 billion by 2020. By integrating IT and data center facility management disciplines, it enables businesses to focus on two primary concerns – data center performance and efficiency.

DCIM begins by providing a standardized system for inventory and asset management and includes data collection and monitoring that may be used for data analytics automation for scaling capacity and responding to changes in the environment. It offers the promise of comprehensive and real-time view of a data center’s performance and helps to perform operations including asset tracking, utility management and control, resource consolidation, change management and more to fill management gaps. Through DCIM, real-time data may be automatically collected and placed in a single repository, further enabling centralized monitoring and intelligent capacity planning.

CenturyLink uses DCIM to manage data center space, network ports and power and more efficiently utilize energy, floor space and equipment. It also provides us with a tool to gauge the capacity available throughout the company’s data center portfolio and plan effectively for growth and expansion.

I will be joining Joe Reele from Schneider Electric on Tuesday, December 13 at 2 p.m. EST on a Webinar hosted by Data Center Knowledge’s expert contributor, Bill Kleyman. In this webinar, “Data Center Infrastructure Management: Best Practices & Lessons Learned,” we’ll provide attendees with a clear and actionable framework for tackling their own DCIM deployment and discuss the value of DCIM from the perspective of a service provider. We’ll also share our experience and the results from CenturyLink’s deployment of Schneider’s StruxureWare for Data Centers, one of the largest real-world deployments of a DCIM platform.

To register for the Webinar, click here. For a comprehensive list of data center services offered by CenturyLink, please view our colocation portfolio overview.

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