Many businesses must avail themselves of the latest technology to remain competitive in their industry. For instance, many car manufacturers now include backup cameras, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities and in-car Wi-Fi in their newer models. Newer vehicles without those technologies that lack features like power windows or smartphone integration probably aren’t going to sell well unless priced very low.

Data center providers have to take advantage of the latest industry technologies in order to be successful and provide their customers with reliable and secure service. This is especially true in regard to connectivity. Without robust network connectivity, all the best power and cooling technology in a data center is for naught. Colocation customers need to be able to connect to an increasing number of devices and public clouds across the United States and globally.

Choosing the right connectivity solution, carriers and cloud providers is essential; without connectivity enabling on-ramps to cloud services, companies cannot utilize a hybrid cloud strategy. Cloud service providers possess nuances unique to their services, resulting in pros and cons of using various connectivity methods to access Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and other providers.

Ecosystems within CenturyLink data centers are robust and vibrant. We allow our clients to choose from multiple network service providers (NSPs) who offer direct connect design and advise them to access AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, vCloud air, and others. We’re able to provide cross-connects from a customer’s cage to the NSP in the “meet me” room and recommend to make those direct connections.

An added benefit is that all these NSP choices live in the CenturyLink ecosystem, and the connectivity solutions we enable bypass congested interconnection points and provide direct transit to the cloud provider of our customers’ choice.

At this week’s Sixth Annual Greater New York Data Center Summit in New York City, I’ll be part of a panel discussing “The Impact of Connectivity Innovations on Data Centers: Analysis of Network Reconfiguration to Support Evolving Needs.” Scheduled for 11:15 – 11:45 a.m. on April 19, this panel will focus not only on emerging connectivity options but also the effect of recent telecommunications mergers and acquisitions, changing business models and bandwidth and latency requirements on connectivity in data centers. We’ll also examine connectivity requirements in different geographic markets, including New York and New Jersey.

Please stop by and listen in on our discussion if you plan on attending the summit. To find out more about how CenturyLink’s colocation business continues to optimize and make it easier for our data center customers to consume multiple cloud providers directly and without oversubscription, please check out our ecosystem interconnection web page.

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