Having a lot of options is usually a good thing, especially when investing a lot of money through a purchase. For example, many people buy cars, but some buy them to fit a family with small children while others buy them for form rather than function. Similarly, some people looking to buy a house may want a grand structure with a swimming pool, while others may want a smaller house that doesn’t require much upkeep.

Businesses looking to invest in colocation for their IT infrastructure often choose a service provider that offers them a variety of options. Whether they need to be able to scale their infrastructure as their business changes or utilize remote support from onsite data center professionals, they want to work with a provider that can meet their unique needs.

Companies that use colocation want to have access to strong network connectivity, while, at the same time, allowing them to choose their preferred vendors. Our approach has been to provide a diverse selection of carriers to provide clients the access to their preferred network provider in more locations. Additionally, for business that are Internet-centric, it’s important to provide access to more ISPs and more direct access to more end users and greater resiliency by enabling them to load-balance traffic across multiple providers.

CenturyLink recently expanded the number of network carriers it offers to its global data center customers, giving them access to 99 different carriers and network providers across its 58 data centers throughout North AmericaEurope and Asia Pacific. That’s an average of over seven network carrier connections at each data center. Some facilities even offer over 20 unique network providers.

So what does this mean for customers? It means they have access to a growing Interconnection Ecosystem that provides secure and reliable data center connectivity. It means they can take advantage of even more robust connectivity options for access to ISVs, content-delivery networks, financial matching engines and carrier hotels. It means they are partnering with a provider that not only offers full network diversity but does so with Uptime Institute M&O certifications across its global data center footprint.

For a comprehensive list of data center services offered by CenturyLink, please view our colocation portfolio overview.

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