Debunking the Myths Dogging Hybrid IT

smallforblog_debunking_myths_shutterstock_211136170Many companies face the dilemma of how to get the most out of legacy IT equipment and applications while taking advantage of the latest technology advances to keep their company competitive and nimble.

Data Center Overload? Just Tweet It

Twitter-for-Social copyEvery minute of every day, someone is posting on Twitter.  An essential business resource, the platform offers real-time insight into the ever-changing world of technology.  It’s become so influential that many non-Tweeters quickly find themselves out of the loop. As noted social media expert Charlene Li says:  “Twitter is not a technology.  It’s a conversation.  And it’s happening with or without you.”

Inside the Crystal Ball: Five Data Center Trends for 2020 and Beyond

data center ebook copyStanding at more than one million square feet, the United States Intelligence Community’s Utah Data Center is one of the world’s largest infrastructures.  Costing nearly $2 billion, the site boasts storage capacity of almost 12 exabytes.  That’s impressive considering the first electronic programmable computer was turned on at the University of Pennsylvania less than 75 years ago.  Data centers are evolving at unprecedented speeds, largely driven by such developments as cloud, big data, and IoT.  These emerging trends are placing enhanced focus on “what’s next,” with analysts looking closely into their crystal balls to determine the future data center.

Hypervisors Matter, and CenturyLink Provides the Most VMware-Based Choices!

Home Automation 23Looking to create an awkward silence at a tech meet-up? Declare your love for the hypervisor. Today’s developers are excited about containers, the resurgence of bare metal servers, and using cloud services that abstract away any direct interaction with infrastructure virtualization components.

5 Things to Know About How CenturyLink Supports VMware Users

epicenter_small for blog_shutterstock_203618407Product management is the art of solving important customer problems with a bare
minimum of engineering risk and operational cost. The issues of the day – business transformation via IT, becoming a software-defined business, and of course Hybrid IT – are tectonic shifts facing the enterprise today.

Helping customers navigate these waters isn’t easy – and as a service provider, CenturyLink seeks to partner with industry leaders to offer innovative, highly differentiated solutions.

Visit CenturyLink at VMworld Booth 317 August 30th – September 3rd

smallforblogshutterstock_167968799Next week we’ll be at VMworld in San Francisco to share what’s possible with CenturyLink Cloud. There is plenty within the platform itself to be excited about, but we most want to shine a spotlight on our incredible partners. That’s why we’ve scheduled times at the CenturyLink booth for you to meet some of the compelling companies behind our marketplace integrations.

Partners will be demoing their technology inside of CenturyLink Cloud in the Partner Showcase area of our VMworld booth, #317.

1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m.
Monday, 8/31 CloudMine Pivotal
Tuesday, 9/1 Commvault Vormetric
Wednesday, 9/2 Dynatrace SoftNAS

We’ve pulled together a representative group of six partners with products ranging from a mobile backend to a storage solution to hosted Cloud Foundry.

See the time table above or the full descriptions of each company below:

  • CloudMine blends public cloud with private data to accelerate the next generation of enterprise mobility
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry streamlines application development, deployment and operations for public and private cloud
  • Commvault provides a cloud backup system for disaster recovery and searching across disparate data
  • Vormetric’s enterprise encryption and key management services help you protect your data
  • Dynatrace helps you understand application performance, create load tests, and monitor end user experience
  • SoftNAS expands cloud object storage up to 14 PB with its S3-compliant storage platform

Come see what is possible across our full range of cloud products. We think you’ll be impressed.

Start your free cloud trial today!

Don’t Get Left Behind: Capture the Global Data Center Explosion Now!

A digital transformation is upon us, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. We consider today’s data center as the epicenter of this transformation – helping companies move faster, innovate at unprecedented speeds and deliver an outstanding end user experience. And it’s further accentuated by the growing importance of trends like Big Data for proactive analytics and Cloud for reduced costs and enhanced efficiencies. Analysts even predict these markets will reach $76 billion and $191 billion by 2020, respectively.   Perhaps that’s why Gartner Group forecasts 75 percent of all businesses will be well on the way to a digital infrastructure by end of this decade.

The Second Day in the Life of a vRealize Admin

small for blog shutterstock_111489635Discussions of the pros and cons of Hybrid IT often focus on deployment, implementation and architecture of public cloud with on-premises systems. While these issues are relevant, the “day 2” management challenges of a Hybrid IT solution do not always get the attention they deserve. Like new parents who are focused on the birth, rather than the next 50 years of the child’s life, IT managers working on transforming their IT operations need to focus on the post-implementation phase of a solution. After all, that’s where they are going to spend the bulk of their time and IT department resources.