The Value of Colocation & Colocation Facilities

Running a data center can be expensive and labor-intensive. That’s why businesses are increasingly turning to third parties to handle the work – in what are known as colocation facilities. Colocation, an alternative to traditional in-house data center approaches, allows businesses to benefit from the economies of scale that come from sharing power, cooling and data center floor space with other tenants, while still allowing each user full control over the equipment.

The Bay Area’s Biggest Data Center Operators

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Need a place to store your data? Silicon Valley Business Journal has ranked CenturyLink as the second biggest data center provider in the Bay Area.

CenturyLink is Winner of the DCIM Category in the Network World Asia Information Management Awards 2015

I am pleased to announce that the CenturyLink Asia Pacific Data Center team recently won the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) category of the 2015 Network World Asia Information Management Awards.


This award showcases CenturyLink’s emphasis on operational excellence in our 60+ data centers worldwide, as well as our visionary approach towards advancing efficient and innovative data center processes and the development of a highly qualified staff. Resolute to our commitment to keep businesses running 24/7, CenturyLink commits more than 90,000 hours to our staff training worldwide per annum to maintain a 100% service level agreement (SLA) covering power uptime.

DCIM is the integration of information technology and data center facility management disciplines. It offers the ability to provide more proactive data center management and operations and it allows for the centralization of monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center’s critical systems.

In the past, information was never real-time and was only as good as the person who put the information into the system. Now with DCIM, data is collected real-time automatically into a single repository.

Learn more about CenturyLink’s DCIM solutions through a recently released interview with Joel Stone, VP of Global Data Center Operations, as part of the Schneider Electric video series “7 winning strategies for building a successful data center business.”

Joel is featured in a video interview discussing how the continued emergence of DCIM software is changing how top companies operate and manage their data centers, as well as how CenturyLink is using DCIM for capacity planning, data center monitoring, and to increase operational efficiency.

Taxes, blech. Tax incentives, awesome!

Cost, availability, historic proof of compliance adherence, and data center provider financial viability all are typical considerations when evaluating data center solutions. But often, one overlooked element is the value of tax incentives offered in specific states. When evaluating the final cost of colocation, consider tax implications as a component of total cost of ownership. Understanding which states assess a personal property tax on hardware can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in total cost of ownership for your colocation solution. States such as Minneapolis, Phoenix and Virginia, not only offer tax incentives to data center providers, but also to the companies that use colocation services within those facilities.

Taxes, blech.  Tax incentives, awesome!

Beyond ascertaining if the state offers a tax incentive to colocation customers, also be diligent to ensure your provider is qualified to offer you the incentive. For example, CenturyLink recently announced they can help customers realize great savings through the Minneapolis Data Center Tax Incentive. Other data center providers may not have the ability to offer the same type of savings.

The CBRE asset library provides a great overview of current tax incentives and their effect on colocation and data center providers. The report was created by John Lenio, economist & managing director, Economic Incentives Group (EIG) and Patrick Lynch, managing director, Data Center Solutions Group (DCSG).

To find tax incentive programs available to you, use this document to help you determine tax incentive savings as a component of your data center services business plan.


Financing and Investing in Data Centers and Cloud Services Infrastructure: Information Management Network Event

I am pleased to be part of the Information Management Network (IMN) event, “Financing and Investing in Data Centers and Cloud Services Infrastructure.” The conference will be held at the Conrad New York Hotel in New York City on May 28-29 and will focus on the critical business issues that data center provider C-level executives must face. In attendance will be a cross-section of the industry’s leading data center, colocation and cloud service providers, enterprise end-users, data center/colocation tenants and Cloud service consumers, Banks, PE firms, venture capitalists and other investors in the industry.


The panel that I am participating in is entitled:

My colleague, Michael Levy is participating in the following panels:

  • “Building Successful Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Offerings – Migration Strategies for Data Center Providers”.  The emphasis of the session is on the steps that data center providers need to take to migrate to offering Cloud services and all of the associated decisions and issues surrounding the process.
  • “The Telco Cloud Perspective Plenary”  This session focuses on the strengths telcos can leverage in the Cloud space. What are some of their unique challenges/obstacles to market entry? Are some telcos better positioned than others to tap opportunities in the Cloud market? What is the business case for a telco to NOT enter the Cloud service provider market? * Should telcos compete or partner with Cloud service providers? Who would make a good JV partner? * How do security issues differ for telco Cloud providers from those of other Cloud providers?

This conference truly reflects how the industry has embraced IT convergence as it specifically addresses the need to work with providers that can provide the right solution at the right time.  Things move quickly in IT and you don’t want to worry about being locked into platforms because of early termination fees or stranded assets. With a dynamic service provider offering the full suite of Hybrid IT services, users can flex their spend as required to meet their business challenges, real-time resource allocation ensures the applications are optimized at all times.

To join me and other industry leaders at this event, you can check out their website here:

CenturyLink keeps growing… on to Central Washington

May is shaping up to be quite a month for CenturyLink colocation and our prospects and customers. We just recently announced our expansion into Australia to meet requests from our multi-national companies and our local client base in Asia.  On the heels of that expansion we are now announcing a new data center facility in Moses Lake, Washington

This central Washington facility provides CenturyLink our first hydro-powered data center. As mentioned in the previous Earth Day blog from Chip Freund, this is just another example of CenturyLink’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Announcing this energy efficient and alternative energy facility after our Bloom Fuel cells announcement provides our customers the ability to meet their requirements for their corporate sustainability commitments.

Through our agreement with Server Farm we will be able to support up to 30MW of IT load on this site and, through the use of the alternative energy sources and the accessibility to free air cooling, we can offer this facility at our lowest colocation prices providing an ideal environment for disaster recovery and back office systems.  This facility will follow our premier offering to include a 100% power uptime SLA through diverse redundant power, network and mechanical systems providing concurrent maintainability. Multi-tier security, compliance and excellent engineering staff ensure this facility follows the same operational excellence that is expected from CenturyLink.

The central Washington facility offers on-site data center and network services, and includes access to cloud, colocation and managed services available through CenturyLink’s global data center footprint. Customers can also tap into our global marketplace of partner and customer solutions through CenturyLink ClientConnect.


Read the news release to learn more about CenturyLink’s data center expansion in central Washington. For more details check out the Datacenter Dynamics interview with Drew Leonard, Vice President at CenturyLink.

Apple Watch™ Gold Rush? Look to the Cloud to Find the Mother Lode


Apple’s new smart watch recently went on sale to the general market. Results are still being tallied, but analysts estimated that sales reached 1 million units sold in the first weekend alone. Overall, analysts predict Apple could sell close to 23 million new smart watches in 2015. And some experts predict the high-end, 18k gold version of the Apple Watch will revitalize the precious metals market. While the gold market speculation may seem like a stretch, one cannot deny that when Apple launches a product or technology, it’s real, it’s here and it creates huge demand.

CenturyLink adds Australia to global data center footprint

CenturyLink announced our continued commitment to Australia by adding data center services to our already available Tier I Global network solutions.

I am pleased to announce that CenturyLink now offers access to our full suite of managed hybrid IT services to regional and multinational corporations in Australia through an agreement with independent Data-Center-as-a-Service provider NEXTDC Limited.

Through our agreement with NEXTDC, we now offer data center services in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane.  We are making it easier than ever before for multinational corporations to host with us in key markets all over the world. Businesses can expect the same consistent IT experience from CenturyLink in Australia as they do in Asia, North America and Europe.

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