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VMware Cloud: A Partner in Network Diversity

Partnerships play a vital role in the success of many companies. For example, a movie production company can’t show its films to many people without partnering with movie theaters across the country and around the world. An author won’t be … Read more…

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Discussing the Data Center of the Future

Many children grow up with toys you’d expect: bicycles, stuffed animals, dolls, building blocks, etc. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a Magic-8 Ball in their arsenal that gives them ambiguous answers to the many seemingly important questions in childhood. … Read more…


Active-active vs. Active-passive: Which Data Center Architecture has the Advantage for Disaster Recovery? – Part 2

As I noted in part one of this blog, active-active and active-passive data center architectures are often used in businesses’ disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Without such plans in place, companies may face outages which hurt them financially while … Read more…


Data Center Connectivity: Continual Improvement

Companies that utilize colocation need to have access to strong network connectivity, especially with the rapidly increasingly amounts of data prompted by “big data” and the Internet of Things (IoT). This enables them to keep connected with their customers through … Read more…


CenturyLink Data Centers: Building Carrier Density and Cloud Connectivity

The best technology likely won’t work correctly if it’s not operated correctly. You can buy the most expensive computer available, but it won’t of much use to you if you don’t know how to utilize it.


The Data Center Market: Converging on Canada

Canada continues to grow and expand as a strong market for colocation and data center services.  In fact, data center space in some key Canadian markets – such as Toronto and Montreal, for instance – is expected to grow by … Read more…


Predicting the Unpredictable: Consider the Cloud (#2 in Series)

As I mentioned in my most recent blog, anticipating and responding to the unpredictable is essential for businesses, especially when it comes to their IT needs. The three biggest areas I see as crucial for long-term planning for IT infrastructure … Read more…


Who are the New Managers of Hybrid Cloud?

The requirement for more agile, quicker to respond infrastructures is creating a rise in the hybrid cloud market.  It’s clear that many workloads require a combination of public and private cloud to meet their demands for compliance, security, flexibility, customization … Read more…