To Our Loyal Veterans… CenturyLink Salutes You!

veterans shaking hands Sometimes, saying “thank you” just is not enough. That’s why CenturyLink is working closely with a relatively young organization, Salute, Inc., to build new job opportunities for the nation’s loyal veterans.

There are almost 22 million former military personnel currently living in the U.S. While these brave men and women committed to protecting our freedom, many are now faced with limited opportunities in transitioning to their next career. Fortunately, emerging possibilities in the data center are helping fill this void.

The data center market is in the midst of unprecedented growth. Driven by cloud computing, a shift from on-premise to colocation, and increased adoption of virtualized and software-defined architectures – these IT environments are impacting nearly every economy across the globe. It’s estimated that software-defined data center markets will grow to $77 billion by 2020, while the colocation space is set to reach $36 billion worldwide by 2017.

At the foundation of every successful business is today’s data center, requiring dedicated personnel to ensure smooth operations around the clock. With more than one million men and women expected to transition from the military to civilian workforce in 2016, CenturyLink is working hard to put trained veterans at the forefront of this opportunity. Our work with Salute, Inc. is a perfect example of this dedication.

Founded by retired U.S. Army Col. Lee Kirby, Uptime Institute’s Chief Technology Officer, Salute offers training and skill development that maximizes each veteran’s unique military experience. The organization has helped more than 200 former military staff begin careers in data centers – with responsibilities including containment installation and day porter support to new cage installation and rack decommissioning. These efforts are further reinforced by a newly formed Uptime Institute subcommittee, acting as a bridge between veteran needs and data center employers.

And the alliance with Salute, Inc. is already having tremendous impact, especially in one of CenturyLink’s Chicago data centers. The data center, a hub of leading colocation activity to power hybrid IT, plays host to several veteran employees trained through Salute, Inc. – all of whom have contributed immeasurably to customer success. Tackling new challenges, these employees continue to learn and grow, with some even moving beyond day porter to more complex tasks in less than 90 days. Veterans are not only exceeding expectations, but many are now bridging to permanent data center jobs.

salute mission critical logoIn honor of Veteran’s Day, now is the time to support those dedicated to protecting our freedom. Across data centers and around the globe, please join us in saluting these men and women. Please contact Salute, Inc. to learn more about employment offerings for military veterans – and how you can help.

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