Top Five Things You Should Know About the Modern Data Center

In our continuing mission to find the truth about Hybrid IT in the modern enterprise, we recently posted Episode 5 of our virtual talk show, The Hybrid IT Files, hosted by CenturyLink VP David Shacochis. At the core of each episode lays the investigation, dialog and debate surrounding the elusive Hybrid IT term.

In this episode’s fast-paced analysis of the Modern Data Center guests Michael Levy, a former analyst and current member of the CenturyLink colocation team and Jabez Tan, an analyst with Structure Research, share their perspectives. Conclusions include:

1. The physical enterprise data center footprint is shrinking as a result of higher density deployments, consolidation and virtualization. In deciding whether to build a new data center or outsource infrastructure to a third party provider, most businesses seek partnerships with managed service providers offering purpose-built hybrid environments that includes network, cloud, colocation and managed offerings. This enables customers to place each application in the execution venue that suits it best.

2. Managing a data center increasingly isn’t a core competency for internal IT managers. Instead, managers consider high-touch third parties that run datacenters and excel in managed services paramount.

3. Many businesses are seeking out providers in proximity to their end users by distributing their data center footprint across many strategic locations.

4. Proactive CIOs can benefit from making onsite facility visits and getting to know “the people behind the data centers” better.

5. The rise of the embedded data center, made possible by micro modular form factors will serve as spokes to centralized hubs to ensure seamless delivery to the “edge.”

Watch the complete episode to learn more.

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