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1. a focal point, as of activity; center

Welcome to the launch of the EpiCenter blog. With this blog we hope to create a collaborative environment to discuss topics essential to the data center industry.  We will bring together thought leaders to provide insight into current events affecting the data center market and trends for which we need to prepare.

Why EpiCenter? As we look ahead, it is clear that technology is changing the way that we live, work, play, and learn. Forbes recently showcased how the Internet of Things will be incorporated into our everyday lives with more than 7.3 million mobile devices providing services throughout the day.  All the information that is sent to mobile devices, computers, automobiles, airplanes, televisions and more runs through a data center – hence solidifying the data center as the epicenter of the technology universe.

As an interactive forum, the EpiCenter blog will address not only the changing role of the data center but also the importance of the data center in supporting the future of technology.  We’ll explore this changing role through topics such as:

  • Data Center trends to prepare for
  • Daily challenges to face as these trends become a reality
  • New technologies and solutions in data center energy efficiency
  • Daily challenges to face as these trends become a reality
  • New skill sets that will make you ready to meet the challenges and trends
  • The role of the data center as a global technology ecosystem

In sum, EpiCenter is meant to be a collaborative environment to share best practices between data center managers, our customers, our technology partners and others, working together to find new ways to drive increased efficiencies and optimizations of the data center so we can continue to build the “data center of the future” together. Read how our three Seattle data centers are optimizing for the future by attaining special certification.

We invite and welcome your ideas, comments and feedback.

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