Freeing You to Transform Faster


The changing technology landscape is shaping new business models, empowering global companies to work faster and serve customers more efficiently. This shift is powered by a massive digital transformation and supported by unprecedented volumes of data. Across the globe, organizations are beginning to align for the digital road that lies ahead.

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Solve Your Top WAN Challenges

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Digital transformation is putting intense pressure on networks and infastructure to be more flexible, agile and responsive. Most legacy infrastructures weren’t built for the agility that modern businesses require. Branch offices are at the front lines of customer interaction, and it’s here the impact of these digital transformations are felt most. With high expectations for quality service via new digital channels, branch networks are under increasing pressure to perform.

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Be Courageous… Best Decisions for a Digital Business


Acclaimed business consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision.” Industry leaders are challenged with endless decisions each and every day. None of them are easy, but the toughest choices usually reap the greatest rewards – especially for digital businesses around the world.

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Managing IT in an Application-Driven World


It’s a whole new world that we’re living in today! Enterprises are migrating to different clouds based on different business and application needs. As multi-cloud adoption continues to rise, the traditional role of the CIO is evolving. Today, more than ever, the CIO has to be a key business driver and strategist.

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SD-WAN and Next Generation Networking for Modern Retail Bank Branches

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Retail banks are facing a strategic mandate to improve customer engagement and reduce operating costs. This has led to a rethinking of the traditional bank branch and the role it plays. There is a drive to digitize the banking services delivered at the branch to enable a modern banking experience that keeps customers coming back. 

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How to Assess your Cloud Strategy


A successful IT strategy begins with the setting of technical and business objectives. So far in 2017, Forrester found 40 percent of 1,000-plus North American and European enterprise infrastructure technology decision-makers are building private clouds, with 33 percent procuring public cloud services and the remainder working to implement some form of cloud technology in the next 12 months. While many enterprises are moving to the cloud, their cloud strategies are still a work in progress and often involves technologies from their on-premise datacenter investments. 60 percent already have a hybrid cloud strategy in place today.

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The New IT: How to Get There from Here


Anyone visiting the state of Maine is familiar with the phrase: “You can’t get there from here”. This expression reflects the challenge of finding a direct route from one point in the state to another. The idea is Maine’s broad network of roads and lakes make any journey a bit tricky.

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Join us in Atlanta: Cybersecurity Summit on April 6


Sweet Georgia peaches may still be ripening on the vine, but cyber threats are always in high season. That’s why we’re heading south to Atlanta in April for our next cybersecurity event for customers. 

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