Touchdown! Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos Create Memorable Game Day Experiences with CenturyLink Network


Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of more than 5,000 feet sits one of the most storied and beloved football stadiums in the National Football League. With a skin of steel, glass, and aluminum, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium is home to the Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos. The stadium swells to more than 76,000 fans on game day.

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Watch Your Step! Avoiding the Pitfalls of Dark Data

Number in Space series. Interplay of numbers, fractal textures and lights on the subject of computers, mathematics, science and education

No one likes to be kept in the dark. Every successful corporate strategy is built upon comprehensive data analysis. By capturing all the facts – and later analyzing and categorizing these points – executives can make the best informed decisions. Unfortunately, far too many business conclusions are drawn in the absence of critical facts. Executives are challenged with untapped, unknown or just “buried” data – putting effective decision-making at risk. For this reason, many CIOs are now taking a second look at their infrastructures – and shining a light on “Dark Data”.

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The Big Game & IT Security – Game On

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IT security owes a lot to the game of football. We have huddles to determine strategy. We have defense. Our job is to keep the other team away from our ball. We have a game plan. Sometimes, we fumble, but winning is so sweet! In honor of the big game this weekend, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how IT security and football have changed over the last 50 years.

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Improving Data Security through Big Data Analytics


Anyone working in IT knows the headlines that security breaches create. The cost is measured in money, of course, but also in a commodity that is harder to recover once it’s lost: Trust. Brands can suffer tremendous blows when they do not safeguard their customers’ information or the interests of stakeholders. The ripple effects can continue for some time.

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The Digital Façade: Laying the Foundation for Outstanding Customer Experiences


Experienced homeowners are fully aware houses must be built on strong foundations. While decorative shutters or a slate roof may provide curb appeal, both are inconsequential if the supporting infrastructure isn’t properly constructed. The same can be said for the digital façade companies put in place to win and retain customers. Premier digital customer experiences are those fully supported by highly reliable, secure, and high performing infrastructures.

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When Going Global With eCommerce, Ensure a Localized Customer Experience


Global opportunities abound today for businesses large and small. As a global middle class continues to form and grow, the global eCommerce opportunity is expected to expand to more than $3.5 trillion in the next five years, according to market researcher eMarketer. The eCommerce portion of total retail sales is growing as well. eMarketer estimates that 2015 global eCommerce already  accounts for 7.5 percent of global retail sales, and is forecasted to grow to 12.4 percent by 2019.

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ThinkGig Readers Weigh In: In Data We Trust


Noted American engineer and Professor W. Edwards Deming one said: “In God we trust…All others must bring data”. Never before has this statement been more accurate – especially as global industries enter an unprecedented “Digital Transformation”, all based on the power of effectively collecting, storing, managing and protecting business-critical information.

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Why CenturyLink’s New SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Partnership is a Big Deal


We recently announced that we signed a global premium supplier partnership agreement with SAP to deliver CenturyLink infrastructure and IT services capabilities to support customers’ SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud environments. This is a big deal. This partnership is significant because it answers two potentially confounding questions that many enterprise IT managers are facing today: How, specifically, will I realize the potential of data analytics? And, how can I really, in concrete terms, make the cloud a driver of business advantage?

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