To capitalize on the promise of digital business, companies are shifting to more dynamic, flexible IT models that effectively streamline costs, enhance agility and foster innovation. As we look back on 2016, hybrid IT truly shifted into high gear.

This past year, many of our blogs highlighted the convergence of business and technology infrastructures to help you navigate the complexities of next-generation IT. With nearly 75 percent of all enterprises exploring hybrid IT, what follows are a few of our most popular blog posts:

  • Critical Inflection Point: Highlights the importance of IT to business success during digital transformation. Outlines strategies to link on-premises and cloud applications seamlessly – while driving uptime, reliability and efficiency.
  • Mix and Match: In this blog, our experts drill down into virtualization and the strategic allocation of resources. We examine a mix-and-match approach to cloud adoption – highlighting licensing, software portability, legacy hardware, security, and compliance.
  • Should It Stay or Should It Go? We investigate the tough decisions teams encounter when adopting hybrid IT. Read tips from our expert to help you craft an ideal IT infrastructure, one with the computing power, diverse applications, and flexibility to conduct your company’s business at optimal functionality and speed.
  • Putting on Your Game Face: This past summer, we hosted business and IT leaders at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. This entry analyzes top IT issues reported by attendees – including the cost-prohibitive nature of on-premises data centers.
  • Network as the Foundation: Here we stress the value of a strong network foundation when adopting hybrid IT. Topics include IT networks as a Business Agility Platform, legacy IT roadblocks, reducing complexity and improving performance with SD-WAN and embracing Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization.

Entering 2017, the pressure is on to develop a digital transformation strategy. We’ll continue to analyze technology issues and trends during the coming year, so check our blogs and social media sites often.

Talk to our team of experts. They’ll share best practices and lessons learned based on years of experience helping organizations such as yours.

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