Many managers live by the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In a fast-moving world, this can be good advice, allowing managers to focus on things that really require their attention.

But, because the world moves fast, something that appears to work the same as it always did can actually be costing you money and lost business. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) — phones, servers, routers and other hardware — tends to be pretty low on the list of IT priorities for a variety of reasons.  It seems to do the job. It’s not as sexy as moving to the cloud so it doesn’t rise as high on the list of priorities. We don’t have local IT support to think about upgrading it. These and other reasons to stick with what you have abound. The status quo, however, might be robbing you.

Here are five compelling reasons to upgrade your CPE

  • Productivity. Newer generations of equipment offer higher performance. That translates to faster transactions and more of them in any business cycle. Depending on your needs, new equipment can also consolidate different pieces of equipment onto a single device, simplifying your life and support needs. Similarly, new equipment can streamline the use of new services such as Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Energy efficiency. Electronic equipment consumes energy in at least two ways. It draws it straight out of the wall. It also produces heat that must be cooled somehow. The larger your environment, the greater your energy consumption from both sources. Increasing energy efficiency is a key design criterion for any piece of equipment today. So, new equipment is by design going to consume less energy than what you have now. This designed-in energy efficiency reduces your ongoing electrical bill while giving you better uptime and performance.
  • Security. Software-based protections like firewalls have migrated into servers, routers and other appliances. As equipment types proliferate – web cameras or new mobile devices for instance – the number of points of attack also multiply. Using the latest equipment ensures the greatest protection. Companies like CenturyLink also have in-house security experts that can design additional security protocols and practices on top of this new gear that might not be possible with older equipment.
  • Reliability. When your IT equipment is down, your business is down. So, new equipment is designed for higher reliability. The difference between 99 percent reliability and 99.999 percent reliability is more revenue, happier customers and lower support costs. New systems have built-in redundancy, dual or 4x power supplies, extra CPUs and storage. Compliance with regulatory concerns or specific customer requirements often mandate highly reliable, fault-tolerant systems.
  • Customer experience. Engineering the best customer experience is the key to sustaining competitive advantage. IT advances raise customer expectations for the quality of the experience you deliver. Rising expectations range from video capability and other aspects of interaction to how fast customer data loads. These factors are reliant on the bandwidth and performance you have available and the headroom in those specifications that allows you to deal with spikes in demand.

Upgrading CPE needs to be part of strategic IT planning. We work with customers of all sizes to help them understand their needs now and in the future. Do you need to prepare now for emerging solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or analytics? We have experts in those technologies as well your vertical markets to help you understand the best, most cost-effective upgrade path for your needs.

We also work with all the major brands in various categories so you can get the latest technology and support from a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). We test them together in our labs to make sure they interoperate to drive your business smoothly. We can also manage them remotely so you don’t have to spend time or money on in-house IT resources that could be doing something more productive for your own customers.

So, when it comes to a fast-moving digital world, your CPE doesn’t have to be broken to require your attention.

Let us help keep your organization the leading edge. Contact your CenturyLink sales professional today, or request a free consultation with a CPE expert by calling 855-248-0967.

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