Business success demands agility, and nowhere is this more critical than communications and collaboration. On the verge of an unprecedented digital transformation, companies are required to become more flexible and respond to customers in real-time. Unfortunately, legacy systems often restrict organizations from keeping pace with the changing needs of their customers and partners.

The real-time nature of business models demands seamless communication – across internal and external teams, as well as customers. That’s why many organizations are shifting focus from legacy environments to next-generation Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and unified communication and collaboration, (UCC) technologies. According to a key industry analyst report, nearly three-fourths of IT leaders are targeting upgrades of their unified communications infrastructures. These upgrades are being driven by many different factors including the realization that there is an opportunity to save between 50 and 75 percent by making the switch to UC&C type services.

That’s not to say migrating from legacy voice to VoIP and UC&C is easy. Companies must focus efforts on both short- and long-term planning and development of best-practices. When implemented correctly, these initiatives can drive seamless migration with little or no downtime. In the newest whitepaper, 5 Best Practices for Transitioning from Legacy Voice to VoIP and UC&C, our team of VoIP experts takes an in-depth look at the most effective migration strategies – highlighting what’s considered the most important areas of focus.

In this exclusive piece, we analyze new opportunities created by:

  • Aligning IT and telephone operations and strategies
  • Building accurate assessments of network bandwidth and VoIP requirements.
  • Focusing on redundancy to ensure continuous service delivery
  • Partnering with the right VoIP services provider backed by a proven track-record of success
  • Teaming with experts for development of accurate VoIP migration and testing methodologies

Making the connection between legacy voice and next-generation VoIP and UC&C is a challenge, which is why it’s important to create migration strategies backed by best-practices. By teaming with an experienced service provider, you can be confident that you made the right decision to migrate to a VoIP solution!

Learn more – and explore our newest white paper today!

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