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Cloud and SDN: Better Together

Today companies must change to not only keep up with the competition, but to address the increased velocity that business demands.


DevOps: The Journey to Agility and Where to Get Started

Hidden in the transformative shift to Cloud computing is DevOps, arguably an even more high-impact trend. While the cloud revolutionizes infrastructure, DevOps brings profound changes to the way that the actual cloud-based code is developed and deployed. DevOps (a contraction … Read more…

CenturyLink and HP: A Journey to Bimodal IT

Journalist and founder of Business 2.0 James Daly once said: “You can’t suppress creativity, you can’t suppress innovation.” And it turns out he’s right. Next-generation technology is accelerating at unprecedented speed. The result is a widening chasm between legacy and … Read more…

Public Cloud Services: From Novel to Necessary

Email. Smartphones. Tablets, Wi-Fi. Over time, products and services that we once considered cutting edge have become staples of our everyday life, tools we depend on to get the job done. And now, the cloud is no exception. In a … Read more…