Accelerate your Big Data and Analytics Deployments with the Cloud

1manavDeploying big data and analytics solutions used to require months of planning. From scoping the hardware that you’d run your applications on, working with purchasing to buy servers and software licenses, waiting for hardware to be delivered, installing the servers in your data center and so on. Cloud has changed this dynamic by enabling you to spin up instances of new applications in minutes. Cloud is also changing the economics required to kick off big data projects.

As outlined in a recent blog, a big data strategy not only helps companies gain significant competitive advantage,  but enables you to learn more about your customers and create new business opportunities.

Listen to Manav Misra, our Chief Knowledge Officer, talk about how cloud providers are changing the dynamics of big data.

The benefits of utilizing the cloud for big data initiatives are many — faster time to market, accelerating the implementation of new ideas and economics. To quote Manav the cloud “allows companies to solve the business problems they need to solve as opposed to worrying about the infrastructure questions.”

Read our white paper on “Putting Big Data to Work in the Cloud: 5 Key Success Factors” to learn how the cloud can accelerate time to value for your big data initiatives.

The next step is to team with a service provider with the right expertise and technologies to assess the possibilities with your data, and map your infrastructure requirements – then build a strategy for leveraging cloud and big data across your data center.  It’s time to take the next step… CenturyLink can help.

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