Modernizing networks requires digital transformation. But how can you meet communications network architecture challenges while also operating under shrinking budgets and adhering to crucial mission needs? To compound matters further, agencies are discovering that just refreshing network technology is no longer sufficient. What’s needed is a shift in thinking about network transformation itself, and the innovation that’s needed in order to navigate multifaceted next-generation networks.

Adaptability and automation could hold the key, and are likely to be hot topics at this year’s AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium 2018. One key element of our offering is the opportunity to apply high-speed encryption at the optical layer to in-flight data to help ensure greater data security and better protect data in transit.

The Adaptive Network’s Mission

While cybersecurity, along with SDN and cloud, remain top priorities for agencies today, cost and security can quickly raise roadblocks along the way toward network transformations. A strong solution is the Adaptive Network, adding virtualization as a more effective and cost-efficient way to add capabilities to the edge while easing the management and automation of the services we provide.

By partnering with Adaptive Network experts like CenturyLink for Government and Ciena Government Solutions, access to managed cybersecurity tools enable a more secure transformation. Together, Adaptive Network industry leaders and agencies can reduce costs, increase security, and modernize networks. Additional benefits include the following.

  • Increased agility, security, and control of your networking solutions
  • Direct control over configuration and performance
  • Real-time, on-demand provisioning of network resources
  • Multiple ways to engage with your network via API, portal, mobility, pre-programming
  • Networks with real-time response and re-configuration capabilities

Whichever solution you choose, it needs to be consistent locally as well as globally. It should also offer strong security solutions that are available either as dedicated services, or within a robust security solutions portfolio.

Visit CenturyLink at AFCEA DCOS

Are you ready to move your agency forward on a path to network transformation? CenturyLink will be onsite at this year’s AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium, in Baltimore, Maryland, May 15 to 17. Stop by booth 517 to speak with a CenturyLink expert or contact a CenturyLink expert today.

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