Labor Day has come and gone. That can only mean one thing: It’s kickoff time for professional football.

To field a pro team takes a large organization beyond the men in cleats. Data is collected and deployed on and off the field and often must be accessed from across the country on road trips. The modern fan experience increasingly relies on the same technology as fans bring their smartphones and expect video feeds, social media access, and even remote food ordering from the stands.

Competing in professional sports increasingly requires a digital transformation. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers know that choosing a network provider can’t be a game-time decision. Too much rides on getting it right.

CenturyLink is proud to be the official network provider for the Bucs. They wanted one provider who could cover all their facilities in Florida and support them in stadiums across the country. That meant support always had to be local no matter where they were. The logistics of moving a football team around the country are complex enough without also managing multiple vendors in each city. CenturyLink’s national and global scope was tailored to their needs.

The Bucs were also smart in the way they went about extending WiFi access to the fans and coaches on the field. WiFi creates simultaneous access for literally tens of thousands of people on game day. But, that’s a recipe for disaster if the underlying network isn’t ready to handle that load.

But, running a professional sports operation also includes training facilities, often encompassing several locations, plus front office personnel. The whole operation is constantly hitting the network with voice and data needs.

The combination of CenturyLink MPLS/IP VPN, CenturyLink Internet Services, and CenturyLink Voice Complete helped to streamline the operations and CenturyLink’s personal approach to support provided the necessary peace of mind. The Bucs today are ready for growth in all aspects of the operation.

Check out this video featuring Sam Hart, Tampa Bay Buccaneers IT director. And before you kickoff your next project, contact us for a free consultation.

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