Avoid Cloud Management Busy Work

The necessity of managing multiple workloads across a variety of hosted environments and cloud service providers (CSPs) is driving unnecessary complexities for IT organizations. Innovations available in market today, like powerful multi-cloud management (MCM) platforms with integrated managed services (on-demand) are causing IT organizations to once again have the cyclical discussion of in-sourcing vs. out-sourcing. 

Depending on the breadth and depth of your internal IT teams, the ability to engage and assign managed services for tasks that don’t directly drive ROI can become business-imperative. It almost goes without saying that the ideal multi-cloud management (MCM) platform must therefore enable your teams to self-manage, co-manage, delegate key managed services elements—or a mix thereof—across all your physical and cloud environments.

In other words, anywhere.

It’s the reason that CenturyLink designed its Managed Services Anywhere offering as a key component of its Cloud Application Manager, its new MCM platform designed to enable customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple infrastructure environments (on-premises, colocation and private/public clouds of choice).

With automated provisioning of Managed Services Anywhere built into Cloud Application Manager, you can now instantly assign expert managed services for any application or workload on virtually any infrastructure from a single platform.

Let CenturyLink Do the Heavy Lifting

To help you more easily, insightfully, and flexibly govern and scale services throughout your business, Cloud Application Manager’s Managed Services Anywhere capabilities enable you to provision and automate your services directly through the centralized Cloud Application Manager platform—including Monitoring, Patching, Remote Administration, and Backup on virtually any hosting/cloud environment (including onsite data centers, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and others).

Key Solution Elements Include:

  • On-Demand IT Management: Get monitoring, patching and remote administration via automation by certified IT professionals.
  • IT Expertise On-Demand: Spend less time on IT management with expert services for managing your tasks for apps and instances on any cloud or infrastructure.
  • Foundation for Flexibility: Whether you need the ability to easily outsource management or support self-management with in-house resources—or both—Cloud Application Manager supports your teams with self-help tools such as user-guides, demonstrations, and a strong foundational knowledge base that provides an agile, working platform for flexible “anywhere” deployment.

Why “Anywhere” Managed Services Makes Sense

With the “flip of a switch”, you can call on CenturyLink IT experts for the heavy lifting so you can focus your resources elsewhere.  Whether you need the extra help to support major migrations, or for ongoing support, the benefits are the same:

  • Improved Business Agility: Use CenturyLink’s certified experts to secure networks, manage your infrastructure, streamline application tasks in any environment, and to decrease your production bottlenecks.
  • Reduce your operational overhead: particularly when it comes to expensive specialized IT staffing—so your businesses can focus on market expansion, improved customer experiences and developing new business models for a competitive advantage.
  • Improve Governance, Security, and Regulatory Compliance: Get extra help to streamline processes and tasks and minimize risk.

Prepare for Multi-Cloud Management Success

Get more tips on how to prepare for multi-cloud success in this White Paper and mark your calendars to attend this free webinar delivered by I.H.S. Markit on June 1, 2017: Best Practices for Managing Multi-Clouds.

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