You may have noticed that the industry is abuzz with “Digital Transformation” themes. Heck, I’ve talked about it a lot, too. But what does Digital Tranformation mean exactly, and why is it critical that your business transform?

When I talk about technology I like to use analogies. In this blog series, I compared a superhero’s transformation to a company’s transformation. In both cases, change is needed to move from average to extraordinary.

So what is digital transformation, anyway? It helps companies become more responsive and nimble to constantly evolving customer and market demands. It allows enterprises to update their existing infrastructure to improve business performance – without operational risks or security concerns. Your company needs to be successful…and becoming a digital business will help you get there.

We’ve looked at Software Defined Networking (SDN) as a superpower, risk mitigation in the transition to the modern network, the organizational capabilities that a modern network enables and the way SD-WAN integrates a hybrid network, enhancing security and management.

Improving customer experiences is one of the main drivers of digital transformation strategies according to a wide-ranging research project CenturyLink undertook with analysts at 451 Research. Customer experience joined improving operational efficiency, increasing agility and managing risk as the four main objectives of digital transformation initiatives. Even the other three have direct customer benefits.

Even the most solitary of heroes is seldom truly alone. Many of them have the trusted advisor helping them, a resourceful friend hanging out at the hero’s secret lair, commanding a technology arsenal. They possess a 24/7/365 connection to the hero and guide them through precarious situations. They are the asset the villain never knows is there, but the hero always relies on.

Who is your trusted advisor in rapidly changing times?

That’s our job at CenturyLink. We’ll be your company’s trusted advisor, working through your business challenges and putting a technology arsenal – plus years of hands-on experience – to work for you.

Ready to swing into action? Let’s talk.

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