I love sailing. Not just the sheer physical and spiritual thrill of taking a boat into the open sea, but the experience of working as part of a team. There is nothing to beat the camaraderie and the satisfaction of making something happen as part of a team, often in a far more effective way than the sum of its individual parts. When you have a crew of ten on a boat, if someone isn’t pushing in the right direction it affects all the others. But when everyone does, that’s where the magic happens.

According to many coaches, one key aspect to creating a winning team in business is to share a common goal as well as a clear plan to achieve it. When one business partners with another, the importance of this cannot be over-stated.

In my experience, winning teams are made up of people who are totally reliable and consistently so.  They deliver what and when they say they’re going to deliver. They communicate clearly, directly and honestly and they’re active listeners, keen to get a deep understanding of the desired outcomes and the common goal. They actively participate, adding value wherever they can to help the whole team achieve success. They willingly share information, knowledge and experience. They figure out the best ways to work together and pitch in to help in any way they can. They’re also flexible enough to deal with changing conditions and they’re respectful and supportive of other members of the team.

Ultimately, they’re committed to the team’s success and will do what it takes to make it happen. In my experience, the very best team players do it all with an air of positivity and good humour, generally making the whole process of winning fun. This stuff is important when you work in partnership with other businesses.

Generally, at CenturyLink, our partnerships do create winning teams. We’re certainly committed to that. We’ve invested heavily in helping our partners win and we’ll continue to do exactly that.

All our partners benefit from our industry leading, highly flexible on-demand infrastructure solutions. But we also work hard on other aspects of support too. That includes specially designed programmes with incentives, sales training and marketing tools that enable them to optimise their business models and increase sales revenues. We work with partners on specific RFP’s, offering advice and insight, adding value and doing what it takes to win. We have scalable, flexible solutions that can be implemented simply and quickly to reduce complexity and speed to market.

Our winning-team philosophy permeates all our partner relationships. Whether that’s reseller partners (SI, ISP, ISV, or VAR) who are looking to expand their portfolio; alliances like independent consultants; data centre solutions groups or solutions partners. When we become part of a team we like to do whatever it takes to win, which is what makes it so much fun. There’s nothing better than being part of a winning team. With that in mind, contact me if you’d like to join one as a partner.

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