It’s pretty clear that banking as we know it is changing. Rapidly. With the Occupy Wall Street movement and the recent Bank Transfer Day initiative, banks are coming to terms with the fact that the old way of doing business simply won’t work.

This represents an opportunity for banks to take a hard look at their businesses and to figure out what they can offer their customers to provide a superior customer experience.

Given this is such an important topic for Americans as well as banks and credit institutions; we thought it would be interesting to do a series looking at the challenges and trends within the banking industry.

Today, we look at how consumers want to interact with their banks. They want access from anywhere, anytime – even in bed. Banks must accommodate this request if they expect to attract and retain customers. This often starts with evaluating their infrastructures. In many cases, banks are upgrading to more advanced technologies to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

What do you think the future of banking looks like?

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