It could happen in an instant. The next cybersecurity breach is just around the corner – and it’s going to be big. According to IDC, roughly one-fourth of the world’s population will be impacted by a security event before the end of this decade. That’s about 1.5 billion people. Clearly, there’s a lot on the line – and organizations must be prepared.

The threat is huge, with some believing a single incident can cost upwards of several billion dollars. Facing extremely sophisticated hacks, advanced malware, and homegrown sabotage – organizations must react quickly to these threats, while preparing for what’s next. Proactive cybersecurity strategies are instrumental to minimize loss and more quickly achieve business objectives. Trouble is, you can’t manage what you can’t see.

CenturyLink teamed with Lewis Fowler – one of the world’s top management consulting firms – to help customers apply proactive cybersecurity measures and controls across their organizations. Our new on-demand Webinar starts with analysis of real-world security events and then quantifies the impacts across the enterprise. Sharing best-practices, attendees will learn to move from checkbox compliance and maintenance to advanced security programs. The team also explores the best way to strengthen your incident response practices and weighs the benefits of in-house security management and advanced managed security services provided by partners.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the experts, stay alert, and keep one step ahead of the most damaging threats. Listen below.

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