As we close out another year, it’s time to look back at some of our most popular blogs of 2016. During this time, we explored a broad range of issues facing enterprises during the burgeoning Digital Transformation. With topics ranging from Hybrid IT to VoIP, our posts analyzed new strategies to help organizations more effectively evolve their next-generation infrastructures. Each having a direct impact on revenue, resources and innovation – now let’s review the “Best of 2016”.

  • Staying Connected with UC&C: This post examines the increasingly mobile workforce and the struggle to keep employees connected anywhere and at any time. We lay out several alternatives for companies – including Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking – and how to upgrade legacy systems to capture next-generation voice connectivity across the enterprise.
  • Diving into Data Lakes: Our entry looks at the concept of data lakes – or placing raw data into large repositories like Hadoop or Distributed File Systems (HDFS) for unrestricted analysis. This blog reviews the differences between Hadoop and in-memory databases, and which gets you to meaningful analysis more quickly.
  • Navigating Data Lakes: Our experts review applying the structure of a schema to your data “on read” or “on write”. Beyond the tech speak, the issue is how quickly advanced analytics can be performed on big data sets – and the best option for your infrastructure. We review best-practices on data analytics to begin matching each unique big data requirement.
  • Hybrid IT Inflection Points: Exploring the topic of Hybrid IT, our team takes a close look at an industry during this critical inflection point. Facing unprecedented IT complexity, we untangle how businesses leverage hybrid models to drive business efficiencies via a combination of on-premise resources and advanced cloud infrastructures.
  • Going Bimodal: Here we provide a lesson plan for Bimodal IT – the business and process side of hybrid approaches. This means simultaneous management of IT at two speeds – traditional management of legacy systems and fast, non-sequential and cloud-based applications. Managed correctly, businesses benefit by dialing up speed and feeds where it counts most.

While the year may be over, there’s plenty of more lessons to be learned as we enter 2017. To stay up to date on the latest in IT trends and insights subscribe to ThinkGig.

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