What’s the story you’re telling with your business? That might seem like a strange question from a technology provider, but in a time of digital transformation it may be the most important thing we can ask.

Technology helps you connect all the moving parts of your business, all the people within your organization, your customers, your suppliers, your partners and all the various engines that create value in your business. In the coming weeks, I’m exploring the possibilities available in a software-driven digital world. But, I want to begin by encouraging you to think much bigger than any one technology.

Similar to recent superhero movies, technology is more powerful when you take advantage of the “connections” available to you.  There’s power in connections. Superhero powers! We are now more than a decade into a multi-billion-dollar superhero box office wave that shows no signs of stopping. We have entire superhero universes created through the interconnections of the individual characters and their stories. Events in one movie have cascading effects in other movies. And as we’ve recently seen, the greatest value is when we connect all these heroes into one movie that’s larger than the sum of all the individual movies that lead up to it.

I’m no movie director, but I can understand the architectural challenge these cinematic universes present. You have to understand the larger story you’re trying to tell, and then you can start putting the pieces into place and decide where the important interconnections will be. You can’t start with a ray gun and hope to scale it up to ten years of blockbusters.

Architecting a major enterprise today presents the same opportunities and challenges. The technologies that run our world are powerful. I have a portfolio of them I can bring to bear. But we have to start with the business problem you’re trying to solve or the value you’re trying to create for your customers. Once we know where you’re going, then we can put the right technology “connections” in place.

Because technology allows us to do so much today, it’s important to know what your business will be when we’re done. How will the technologies in one area affect what happens in another part of the business? Can the network handle all the traffic from branches and satellite sites? Can it handle BYOD, IoT and all of the emerging technologies your customers are using? And more importantly, what are the constraints of your current infrastructure?  We’ll explore these issues and more in the coming weeks.

Ready to get started today?  Talk to one of our IT experts. (I’ll bring the popcorn.)

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