In an era of digital transformation, every business is a technology business. Even industries founded long ago to deal with the logistics of the physical world must adopt new technologies to drive efficiency and profits in today’s economy. Our work with Koch Trucking showcases how one company used SD-WAN to transform their network operations at a low cost.

Managing a long-haul trucking business requires more than just knowing the inner workings of the internal combustion engine. Koch Trucking, part of Minnesota-based Koch Companies, operates 47 sites across the United States. Those sites are in a wide variety of locations, from urban to rural areas. Many of those sites are limited in their network access choices, often depending on whatever broadband offering is available.

What would you do if you were the IT person charged with knitting all these sites together into one smoothly running operation? If you’re Brandon Gammon, senior telecom and network analyst at Koch, you turn to SD-WAN as an overlay to manage this hybrid network as a single unit.

“The network is absolutely key to the business,” Gammon recently told CenturyLink. “We wanted a little bit more control of the network and all the devices from headquarters.”

SD-WAN gives you that control from headquarters across all the branches of a far-flung business. CenturyLink Managed SD-WAN gives you all the benefits of the base technology with a significant added bonus – we manage it for you. That allows you to focus on leveraging that efficiency in creative ways, like Gammon’s sharing of headquarters’ services to all the branches.

Find out more about Koch Trucking’s use of SD-WAN here.

And if you’re looking for more network control without increasing your management burdens, test out CenturyLink SD-WAN with a 90-day trial.

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