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Q&A With Jay Edmundson: Boost Your Brand with Transformational Customer Experiences

Today’s top brands in the retail and hospitality industry know that your digital transformation doesn’t need to be dramatic or holistic to be effective. The real key to staying in front of your customers is to deliver exceptional experiences while … Read more…


Key Observations from the 2017 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

CenturyLink was a Premier sponsor at this year’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in October. The event explores new ways of thinking and offers the trusted insights and guidance IT leaders need to lead their organization with confidence.

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Healthcare Data — Too Much Information?

Although many hospitals still have a lot of paper records on file, digitization of information is exploding in the healthcare industry. Not only are the existing physical patient records and files being digitized, but new sources of data are multiplying … Read more…


Public-Private Partnerships Rise to Challenges of Modern World

Technology is changing at breakneck speed driving collaboration and complexity at the same time. We face new cybersecurity threats even as we seek to modernize our IT infrastructure and streamline our processes. No single entity can keep up with the … Read more…


Top 3 Reasons Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation

Every digital strategy is shaped and motivated by business need. The desire to improve the overall customer experience and achieve competitive differentiation is a principal driver of many digital transformation projects. 451 Research has found that when evaluating the top … Read more…

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Case Study: Achieving Transformation with Less Consternation

Business complexity and IT challenges can cause decision makers plenty of headaches when trying to digitally transform their business. Sometimes, the desired outcome is obvious, but getting to the desired results can be a hard pill to swallow. More often, … Read more…


Meet us at Gartner Symposium/ITXPO 2017

At CenturyLink, we have entered a new phase of the digital transformation conversation. Digital transformation is an imperative in a hyper-competitive world and most enterprises understand the need and the urgency. The conversation today is no longer about whether or … Read more…


How Governments Can Adapt — Making Digital Transformation a Reality

Digital transformation is everywhere, but in government the process toward full transformation is held up by budget cutbacks and legacy equipment constraints. So how can government entities fast-track implementation of disruptive technology to enable broader citizen engagement, empower employees and … Read more…