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Disaster Recovery 2017: Making a List, Checking It Twice

With days growing shorter and the holiday season upon us, it’s time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities we faced in 2016. This analysis is particularly effective as enterprises align for a new IT reality fueled by the digital … Read more…


Key Insights on Disaster Recovery at VMworld 2016

We just concluded a great experience at VMworld 2016, where CenturyLink was a Silver Sponsor and Network Provider. It was an amazing show. We met many interesting people and learned a lot about where the VMware community is headed.

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Gartner IT Security & Risk Management Summit – Spending SMARTER, not HARDER, on IT Security.

The upcoming Gartner IT Security and Risk Management Summit promises many thought-provoking exchanges about the security challenges facing the enterprise today. As a Silver Sponsor, we’re looking forward to it.


Walk Santa to the Sleigh – Business Resiliency

Welcome to a special holiday edition of our “Walk me to the car” blog series, where we quickly address what busy business execs need to know about pressing technology issues. Today’s topic: What does Santa Claus need to know about Business … Read more…

Resiliency in the Face of Cyber Monday Crowds

Cyber Monday, that splendid day of amazing online deals that promises to be a boon to Christmas shoppers. Without leaving their homes, they can find one-of-a-kind bargains on just about anything that could brighten their holidays. For people who manage … Read more…

Staying Resilient Over the Holidays

Did you ever wonder why it’s called “Black Friday”? The official answer is that it’s the day when many retailers traditionally go “into the black” in financial terms, but the day’s name has an unmistakably sinister connotation. It conjures up … Read more…

Real Resiliency is Network Aware Disaster Recovery

When it comes to disaster recovery, there is an awful truth most vendors don’t like to discuss.  When businesses really need their disaster recovery solutions, they often don’t actually work or, at least, don’t work according to plan. While many … Read more…

Achieving Business Resiliency in the Face of Natural Disaster

Hurricane Joaquin may make landfall on the East Coast.  With memories of Hurricane Sandy and last year’s hard, long winter fresh in our minds — it is important to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your company’s disaster … Read more…