Topic: Hybrid IT


Going Hybrid: Tips from an Expert on How to Mix and Match IT Resources

Demand by computing applications can sometimes outstrip the capacity of a virtual server or network, resulting in performance issues that bleed into other applications. For example, a company selling online greeting cards may be inundated on Valentine’s Day or Father’s … Read more…


Don’t Overlook the Network on your Way to the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the norm, rather than the exception, it is having a transformative impact on the enterprise data network. 


Six Crucial Steps: Crossing the IT Migration Chasm

Forty percent…That’s the rate of failure analysts associate with business-related IT migration projects.  That’s no small number considering that Bloor Research reports that some Fortune 2000 companies spend a minimum of $5 billion annually on migrations. Even worse, the same … Read more…


A Journey Like No Other: Reaching The Cloud Can — And Should — Take Many Paths

There is no such thing as the cloud. Rather, there are many clouds — public, private and intricate combinations of the two. Consequently, simply shifting all IT systems to a public or private cloud may not enable a company to achieve its business goals. … Read more…


Do You Know What You Want from Your Infrastructure? A Question for VMworld 2016

John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”) once famously sang, “Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it.” Is it me, or does this lyric remind you of the day-to-day challenges of running infrastructure in this evolving cloud … Read more…


Focusing Hybrid IT in the Increasingly Blurry Online Market

Retail customers are more demanding than ever before. Each requires personalized guest experiences across both on-line and physical storefronts. The rapid integration and consistent view of customer information across omni-channel interactions are a driving force behind the new digital economy. … Read more…


5 Ways for IT Organisations to Optimise Business Success

Working with our partners on such a wide-range of game-changing IT projects has given me some great insight into the way that IT organisations are working to optimise their business success. CIOs are sitting at a prime position at the … Read more…


Digital Transformation Requires a Strong Network Foundation

Any knowledgeable builder understands a house is only as strong as its foundation – as this infrastructure ensures the dwelling holds up even under the most extreme conditions. In the world of IT, the is that bedrock upon which business … Read more…