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Your Cybersecurity Safety Net: CenturyLink® Managed Security Services

To boost chances of success, high risk situations often require an effective safety net. This additional protection makes it possible to direct attention towards more strategic initiatives. And with industry experts predicting 1 million new malware threats daily and a … Read more…


Balancing Cyber Defense with Business Agility

I’ve been involved with cybersecurity for a while. If you’d asked me ten years ago, “What would you rather be, agile or secure?” I would have thought it was April Fools’ Day. It would be like asking, “What would you … Read more…


DDoS + IoT = Cybersecurity Danger

In this age of connected devices – where everything from cars to coffee pots are going digital – it’s become a matter-of-course to be concerned with security. Analysts estimate there will be more than 200 billion smart wireless devices before … Read more…


Do You Know What You Want from Your Infrastructure? A Question for VMworld 2016

John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”) once famously sang, “Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it.” Is it me, or does this lyric remind you of the day-to-day challenges of running infrastructure in this evolving cloud … Read more…


CenturyLink Managed Hosting + HPE = The Perfect IT Equation for your business.

Mathematical theory is almost always consistent. With all other variables, being equal, one plus one equals two. But what happens when you inject cloud, colocation, and high performance networking into the equation? Given this powerful combination, even the experts will … Read more…


A Closer Look: CenturyLink Acquires netAura

With research firm Ponemon Institute pegging the average cost of a single data breach at $3.79 million, we fully understand the value of a proactive IT security strategy. Our recent acquisition of IT Security firm netAura fully illustrates this point.


DevOps: The Journey to Agility and Where to Get Started

Hidden in the transformative shift to Cloud computing is DevOps, arguably an even more high-impact trend. While the cloud revolutionizes infrastructure, DevOps brings profound changes to the way that the actual cloud-based code is developed and deployed. DevOps (a contraction … Read more…

Managed Services in the Age of Digital Transformation: Pivotal Cloud Foundry on CenturyLink Cloud

The business world has always relentlessly sought “sustainable competitive advantages”. Efficient supply chains, better manufacturing processes, and intellectual property have all had their moments. Today it’s “innovation” – innovation through custom software – that’s next wave of differentiation.  Why? Pivotal’s … Read more…